Why that Aussie interview with Mary Kay and Vili has resurfaced 5 years later.

In 2018, Seven reporter Matt Doran sat down with perhaps the most infamous couple of the '90s – Mary Kay Letournau and Vili Fualaau. A teacher, Letournau was 34 when she raped a then-12-year-old Fualaau, who was her student.

Five years later, the interview has resurfaced on social media ahead of the new film May Decemberwhich is based on the real-life couple.

The Netflix film stars Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman and Charles Melton, and follows the story of an actress (Portman) who is visiting her muse Grace (Moore), who was caught sexually abusing her son's then-13-year-old friend Joe Yoo (Melton).

Just like in the movie, Letourneau and Fualaau (who were teacher and student) became a tabloid sensation and despite the illegal nature of their initial relationship, they eventually married and had children together.

Watch the viral Sunday Night interview with Mary Kay Letournau and Vili Faulaau. Post continues after video.

Video via Sunday Night.

Letourneau and Fualaau first met when she was a second-grade teacher and he was a student at a Seattle primary school. They crossed paths again when she was his sixth-grade teacher and began sexually abusing him in 1996.

It was kept a secret until she fell pregnant with their daughter, Audrey, who was born in May 1997 while Letourneau was out on bail and awaiting trial for the felony second-degree rape of a child. Disturbingly, she only ended up serving three months in prison.


Despite being warned to stay away from Fualaau, Letourneau continued to pursue him and while serving her second stint behind bars, she gave birth to their second daughter in October 1998. 

An investigation, rape conviction, 7.5-year prison sentence and two children later, the pair wed in 2005 once Fualaau was 21 years old. They'd insisted their illicit 'relationship' was one built on "true love".

But one specific interview on Sunday Night with Australian journalist Matt Doran, which calls the merit of their relationship into question, has resurfaced thanks to its likeness to a scene in May December.

In 2018, as Letourneau has done many times before, the former school teacher and convicted pedophile defended the origins of her relationship with Fualaau in her interview with Doran, and argued that while she might have been the adult "by age", she was not in maturity.

The couple first met when Vili was in second grade. Image: A&E.


She later urged her husband, multiple times, to state he was the "boss" and leader in their relationship at just 12 years old.

"Who was the boss? Who was the boss? Who was the boss back then? Who was the boss back then? Who was? Just say," she told him, to which he responded, "This is ridiculous... this is getting weird."

Finally, he conceded by saying he was the "pursuer" in the relationship and Letourneau argued again that it "doesn't matter" that her husband was a child at the time.

In May December, in a scene where Joe confronts Gracie with some questions about the origins of their relationship, she asks him, "Who was the boss? Who was in charge?"

Aussies will be able to watch the film on February 1, 2024 (though it's available in other countries sooner).


The uncomfortable interview may have been something of an awakening for Fualaau, who filed for separation from his wife for the second and final time a year later.

An unnamed source close to Fualaau told People he had a different view about the situation he'd been in since he was a child.

"He's starting to get some perspective," the source said. "He sees things clearly now, and realises that this wasn't a healthy relationship from the start."

In 2020, Letourneau was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and Fualaau spent the last two months by his ex-wife's side.

"Vili moved back from California, gave up his life there, and for the last two months of Mary’s life he stood by her 24/7, taking care of her," Letourneau's lawyer said.

"So yes, they were divorced and they had their spats, but they were always in love with each other."

She died in July 2020.

Feature Image: Channel 7.

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