The Instagram post suggesting there's a very different side to Married at First Sight's Troy.

We’ve been asking for weeks whether Married At First Sight’s most eccentric contestant, Troy Delmege, could possibly be for real.

Now, we know he’s probably not.

Well, that’s according to Ashley Irvin’s sister Summer, who in an Instagram post defending her sibling has shared some brutal descriptions of Troy and his behaviour towards his TV bride.

Speaking about the criticism her sister had received from fans of the show who couldn’t understand why she was fighting with Troy, Summer said she was heartbroken to see Ashley so upset over the comments.

The Twins agree Ashley didn’t seem to enjoy her husband’s company. Post continues.

“Ashley is the funniest, most positive, harmless person you will ever meet. She never has a bad word to say about anyone and will make you laugh within two minutes of meeting her,” she said.

“You were tested every step of the way and deliberately were pushed beyond anyone’s breaking point and you handled yourself with class and dignity.”

However, the law student did not have such nice things to say about the 35-year-old IT manager her sister was matched with.

“You applied to go on a show and meet the man of your dreams, little did you know you got matched with someone who didn’t even apply (when over 7000 did).”

Summer claimed that each time Ashley wanted to have a “genuine conversation that wasn’t for the camera” she got the “cold shoulder” from Troy.

“As much as Troy is a goofball he is also does a fantastic job playing up for the cameras [and] is currently doing an excellent job in carving his path for a future in TV,” Summer said.

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She then essentially confirmed what we’ve all been thinking: Troy’s behaviour may well all be an act.

“I’m sorry you got dragged along for the ride and I’m sorry Australia is believing his feelings for you are genuine when the only genuine thing about the show is you rolling your eyes to his antics because only you are aware how fake he is.”

“Ashley I love you and I know you will one day find the love you so deserve…. I will defend you fearlessly and I am so glad I saw through this bullshit from the moment I laid eyes on him.”

Now, that’s the kind of sibling I think we’d all want on our side.


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