A thorough investigation into whether Married At First Sight's Troy is actually for real.

So now Troy from Married At First Sight has graced Australia with his presence, we know a few things:

a) There aren’t many people like Troy in this world

b) There aren’t enough of them on TV

c) Troy is … something

Now, after a new interview with Channel 9’s Talking Married host Jayne Azzopardi, we have a few more questions.

Video by Channel 9

Namely, is this guy for real?

After watching the interview approximately four times, we would like to contend that Married at First Sight’s Troy is absolutely, conclusively, totally, not at all real.

Here’s why:

His voice sounds more like a newsreader’s than Jayne Azzopardi’s

Troy’s voice sounds like the ultimate TV-trained voice. In fact, on camera, his conversational tone sounds more like a newsreader’s than Jayne Azzopardi’s.

Perhaps because he is, well, an ACTOR.

The fake laugh

Can we just…

… Look at this

Video via Channel 9

His fake wedding was the “best day of his life”

We’re not one to cast judgement on what someone does or does not deem the best day of their life, but we’re about to cast judgement on what Troy deemed the best day of his life.

The best day of his life, he says, was his fake wedding.

This just feels like an unusual amount of enthusiasm for a wedding that isn’t real, and exists for the sole purpose of our entertainment.

Clare and Jessie Stephens and deep-dive all things Married at First Sight. Post continues…

He honked

He actually, well, honked.

It came right after Jayne remarked he wanted a “Barbie cheerleader wife”.

He honked.


He says push-ups gave him the "swell effect big time"

So you know that time Troy kept his wife waiting an unnecessary amount of time because he wanted to push his body up and down on the concrete?

Yes, well, now we know why.

The 'Swell effect', he says. Which funnily enough, we don't... quite... understand.

He swung on his chair when asked if this was "the real him"

What does someone do when they're telling a tiny little porky-pie? Lack eye contact!!!!

When Troy was asked if this was the "real" him, he swung on his chair and then put his hands on his face.

We're no body language experts but would like to contend this is not the real him.

We think.