The first Married at First Sight couple has broken up.

Love (or lack thereof) hurts.

I have to tell you guys something. I have reason to suspect that marrying someone you don’t know might not be a great idea.

Last night on Nine’s Married at First Sight, it all came to a head for one couple.

To the sound of somber piano and tragic violin, Michael told Roni that he’s not in love with her.

This is not her happy face.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not in love,” he told her.

Cue observation from Dr Obvious:

“When our partner says to us, ‘I don’t love you,’ we feel rejected,” Dr Trisha Stratford helpfully informed us.

So weird. I thought it was hungry. I thought rejection made us feel hungry.

Watch the break-up here. Post continues after video.

Roni’s definitely not hungry though, she’s sad.

“I feel sad. Yeah, I feel sad. I mean, it is sad.”

Michael tells Roni he’s going to wear his wedding ring on his right hand. She elects to leave hers behind.

Poor Roni is then forced to pack up all her belongings, which look to include a full wardrobe of clothing and various cushions, as Michael sits on the bed and watches her.

Little help, Michael?

Earlier, the two had tried to rekindle (or maybe just kindle?) the flame of their relationship by heading out with a bunch of mates to play pub trivia.

It started out so well…Roni and Michael on their wedding day.

And if that didn’t get them in the mood, then nothing will.

“I’m definitely open to having a committed relationship with someone, that’s what I came into this for … But just because I committed to that doesn’t mean that Roni is the perfect girl for me,” Michael said to one of his friends.

Roni was still holding out hope, suggesting that because the pair “kiss and cuddle” there was more to their relationship than just friendship.

The beginning of the end: Roni had a meltdown in last week’s episode.

That’s where she was wrong, though, because while she and Michael have been kissing and cuddling, the other couples have been consummating their marriages all over town, even Clare and Lachlan, who spend the time when they’re not shagging arguing.

So there we have it. The first relationship demise has occurred.

Everyone OK?

Take a look back at the lives and times of Roni and Michael, doomed lovers.

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