3 leading makeup artists share their number one makeup rule.

If there's one thing we know when it comes to makeup, it's that you should always, always, ALWAYS do what makes you feel your cute, sparkly best. Mmmkay? 

Never feel like you can't rock a smoky eye AND a bold lip, or that you absolutely *have* to wear primer under your foundation, just 'cause everyone said so. If you like it, go for it, we say.

However! If you've always wanted to know the makeup rules the pros stick to day in and day out, well, hang around. Because no one knows how to put together a flawless makeup base quite like a pro MUA, right?

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From face mapping and looking well-rested to selecting the right foundation shade, we asked a few of Australia's leading makeup artists to tell us their insider secrets so that you can take your makeup game to the next level. 

Ya welcome, folks.

Michael Brown - Celebrity hair and makeup artist.


"My number one makeup rule, especially for a long-wear makeup look, is understanding your own facial structure and movement. I call it face mapping for makeup!

Look in the mirror and see where you have prominent bone structure, and make sure you look at where your face moves the most when using expression. This is so important in order to know where to correctly apply highlighter and shade tones for an enhanced face structure, as well as how much product can be applied to a particular area in terms of movement.

For example, if your cheekbones are already very visible and sharp, avoid under-bone shading and opt for a fresher blush tone on the apple of the cheek to provide balance. 

If you find that your forehead or crow's feet area creases a lot with expression, avoid applying lots of product on these areas to increase the wear time of your makeup.

Once you know this tip, you’ll always appear fresh and not ‘made-up’, so to speak."

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Carol Mackie - M.A.C Senior Artist.

"My number one rule is that there are no rules in makeup. So, my only rule would be to experiment! 

Don’t be afraid to play with colour, it really does brighten your day! Whether it’s a change of lipstick or a pop of colour on the eye, you should never be scared to switch up your everyday makeup routine. 

The great thing about makeup is that it washes off. If you make a mistake, it’s easy to rectify with a touch of concealer or M.A.C’s iconic Prep + Prime Fix + as a remover - so have fun with it!


However, when it comes to foundation, I do have one particular rule I swear by. If you’re not sure of your shade, I always recommend getting yourself professionally colour matched by an artist in-store. Selecting the right foundation for your skin type and colour can be really difficult. M.A.C Artists are trained to help you identify the perfect shade match and a foundation formula that will give you the desired finish you're after."

Mia Hawkswell - Celebrity hair and makeup artist.

"There are SO many rules I personally can’t live without when it comes to makeup. However, probably the most important (aside from skin health) would be to focus on using your makeup to make you appear awake and well-rested. 

So, it's all about that curled lash with a decent amount of mascara - my philosophy is to never waste a lash!

To achieve that bright wide-awake look, I use Shu Umerama Lash Curler and Sisley Paris So Volume Mascara in Black. I love this mascara because it delivers the perfect amount of formula without re-dipping, making it perfect for on-the-go. I focus on coating both the top and bottom lashes, corner to corner.

Another trick I use here is to curl as close to the lash line as possible, for 60 seconds. I find that there's no need to 'walk' along lashes - one crimp at the base is enough to lift and open the eyes."

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