A makeup artist shares the biggest mistake we make when applying foundation.

With more than 24,000 Instagram followers and a place as Sophie Cachia’s go-to makeup artist, Amelia Webb is fast becoming known for her candid makeup tutorials and tips delivered via Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

They’re extensive, step-by-step and offer the kind of easy to understand advice you wish sat on your makeup bottle.

Here, Amelia offers her very best tips for applying foundation and answers the number one question makeup rookies still search for the answer for: Should I be using a brush, a beauty blender or fingers?

What’s best: a beauty blender, brush or fingers?

“Applying your foundation is the most important step to creating a flawless makeup look. I recommend both sponge (beauty blender) and a foundation brush,” Webb says.

“I apply foundation first with a brush, buffing into my skin and then further work the foundation in with my beauty blender using a dabbing motion. Finishing off your base with the beauty blender – or sponge – really creates a flawless finish.”

Amelia Webb
Amelia Webb. Source: Instagram.

When should you use a brush and when should you use a sponge?

"If you’re looking to achieve a quick and easy look, I would always recommend a good buffing brush," Webb says, adding, "However, I like to really take my time, therefore, I always use both a brush and sponge. Once you have mastered this technique it produces great results."

Are fingers ever OK?

"Fingers are always OK," Webb says. "The warmth of your fingers helps to blend any uneven foundation and concealer lines into the skin. Always ensure your fingers are clean to avoid infection – especially around your eye area."

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What's the biggest mistake women make when applying foundation?

"I find the biggest error women make is not understanding their exact skin type and colour choice. Matching your foundation colour to your skin is essential and once you establish your skin type the easier it is to find your perfect foundation and colour," Webb explains.

"The right choice of your foundation can be tricky and most certainly a trial and error process. However, once you find the right foundation you can create the perfect makeup look."

"Women with dry skin should look for a re-hydrating foundation to assist throughout the whole day," she says, continuing, "Also, a day look foundation will differ to an evening look."

Webb adds, "My go-to foundations are the Too Faced's Born This Way, Nars's Sheer Glow and the L’Oreal Paris True Match liquid foundation.

What are your tips for applying a flawless face of foundation? Let us know in the comments section below.