This is the most flattering eyeshadow for your eye colour, according to a makeup artist.

Eyeshadow is like jewellery.

It's the perfect accessory to compliment an outfit and it can even jazz it up with a little bit of sparkle. But finding the right colour that suits you can be tricky, especially when there are so many colours and palettes to choose from.

Here's how to create the perfect non-black smokey eye. Post continues below.

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So to make that choice easier, we spoke to celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney (she's painted the eyelids of Ashley Graham and Megan Fox, to name a few) to discover what eyeshadow colours complement each eye colour best.

Plus, we've included our top eyeshadow palettes that will work for each shade.

Before we get into it, let's just preface: you do you. If you love other colours, go for it! This is makeup after all, and there are no rules.

What eyeshadow colours go with green eyes?

"Plum, magenta and pink tones are absolutely stunning on green-eyed beauties," Tobi told Mamamia. "Try the MAC Cosmetics Burgundy Times Nine palette. These matte and metallic shadows will make the eyes pop!"


MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow X 9: Burgundy Times Nine, $62.

Image: MAC Cosmetics. 

Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette, $26.95.

Image: Priceline. 


What eyeshadow colours go with blue eyes?

"My favourite tones on blue eyes are warm orange tones," Tobi explained. "The Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions palette is one of the best palettes to enhance blue eyes! I also love metallic golds on the lids."

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Topaz, $44. 

Image: Sephora. 


Revolution Wild Animal Palette Fierce, $23.

Image: Priceline. 

What eyeshadow colours go with hazel eyes?

"Metallic and matte brown tones and olive green shadows look stunning on hazel-eyed beauties," Tobi said. "I love the Charlotte Tilbury Green Lights Luxury Palette."


Charlotte Tilbury Green Lights Luxury Palette, $80.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury. 

Morphe 9K Khaki Calling palette 1, $18.

Image: Morphe. 


What eyeshadow colours go with brown eyes?

"I love navy and blue tones on brown eyes. The Tom Ford Midnight Eye Pencil is beautiful to really enhance the eyes," Tobi said.

"I also love neutral tones for a more natural look, try the Dior Warm Neutrals palette," she added.


Tom Ford Eye Kohl Intense in Midnight, $55.

Image: David Jones. 

Morphe 18A Blue Ya Away Artistry Palette, $26.

Image: Mecca. 


Dior Backstage Eye Palette in 001 Warm Neutrals, $88.

Image: Sephora. 

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette in True Neutrals, $39.

Image: Sephora. 

What's your go-to eyeshadow palette for your eye colour? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature image: Instagram/@tobimakeup