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1. “They showed the G-rated version.” Connie on what we didn’t see between Hayley and Stacey at MAFS’ girls night.

Last Sunday’s MAFS girls’ night was certainly… eventful. But apparently there was a lot more that went down between Stacey and Hayley that we didn’t get to see.

Appearing on Hit FM’s Krysti & Bodge this morning, Connie shared what really happened behind-the-scenes of the confrontation.

“It was a lot worse in real life,” said Connie. “They just showed you the G-rated version. It got really, really bad.”

As we saw in the episode, things quickly became heated when Hayley asked Stacey, “Where did you get your law degree, out of a cereal box?”

But what we didn’t get to see was Stacey’s reply, which was considered too rude to show on TV.

“Stacey snapped back with something else that was just so vile,” said Connie.

“She turned around and said [to Hayley], ‘Well at least I don’t suck d**k for a living.’”


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A girls night? Let’s see how much sh#t I cop for apparently not kissing Michael – what a joke. #MAFS

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The fight only continued to get worse from there, according to Connie.

“I actually did think that someone was going to hit someone else at one point,” she said. “A glass was smashed. I think Elizabeth did it by accident. It was really, really heated.”

But that’s not all that happened. For more on what we didn’t see during the girls’ night, read our earlier article here.

Married At Frist Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.

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2. The new trailer for KUWTK is out and yes, we are ready to see Kim and Kourtney fight… physically.


It’s been approximately seven years too long that this world has gone by without a punch on between the Kardashian sisters and whilst Mamamia does not condone violence, we very much appreciate the completely scripted and fake drama the Kardashian sisters continue to broadcast on their television show. 


In a new trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian are seen physically fighting with each other whilst Khloe Kardashian is in the middle trying to pull them apart.

“I will f*** you up, you literal c***,” Kourtney, 40, yells at Kim, 39.

“Just get the f*** out of here, I don’t even want to see your f***ing face,” Kim yells back.

Kourtney responds: “I don’t wanna be near your fat a**.”

“Then GO!” Kim continually shouts at her sister.

The cause of the fight remains unclear. For now. The new season returns next week on Channel E!

Watch the trailer for the new season here.


3. Wondering if Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are back together? Just ask Kylie’s 10yo nephew.

Ignore the rumours! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are NOT back together, according to Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason Disick.

Rumours that the pair were back together following their separation in October 2019, circulated earlier this month, with a source claiming: “Things are great with Kylie and Travis. They are very happy.”

But, Kylie’s 10-year-old nephew, Mason Disick has addressed the claims in an Instagram live video.


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Happiest tenth birthday to the boy who changed my heart forever. No one is cooler or sweeter than you.

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Responding to a comment, the 10-year-old said: “No, Kylie and Travis are not back together.”

There you have it, from a true inside source!

4. “We can’t wait.” Ex-MAFS contestant Jono Pitman is expecting his second child.

Former Married at First Sight star Jono Pitman is expecting his second child with fiancee Rebecca Pattinson!

The 32-year-old was married to Clare Verrall in season two of the Australian Married At First Sight, and has since found love with Pattinson, welcoming their first child in July last year.

In the announcement, the couple shared a picture of their son sitting by a sign referencing popular kids song ‘Baby Shark’.


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We can’t wait to welcome a baby girl into our tribe early October 2020 ???? #babypitman#supersperm#twoundertwo#bigbrothermax

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The sign read: “Mummy Shark due, due, due, due, due, due October 2020.” and it. is. so. CUTE.

Congratulations Jono and Bec!

5. “He thought I cheated.” Everything we just learnt from MAFS’ Stacey’s epic Instagram Q&A.


We have a very important public service announcement to share.

Stacey from Married At First Sight is answering all the questions she’s definitely not allowed to answer on her Instagram right now, and goodness, we have never needed anything more.

Yes, despite the fact the reality show isn’t wrapping up for a few more episodes, Stacey has shared some insights into her relationship with her MAFS husband Michael and what went down during the reunion episode.

MAFS 2020 stacey instagram
Image: Instagram.

When asked whether she is currently dating anyone, Stacey confirmed that she’s single and no longer dating Michael.

“I’m not with anyone. I’m literally just chilling. Hopefully someone amazing comes along. Otherwise, it’s just me and the boys,” the 27-year-old responded, before adding that she would rather “swallow acid and die” before getting back together with Michael.

During the Q&A session, Stacey was also asked what happened between her and Michael.

“You’ll see at reunion,” she replied.

“[Michael] thought I cheated on him. Mikey comes back [to the show] for 20 seconds of fame. That’s pretty much it.”


She also shared that Michael gifted her a handbag during their time on the show. She’s now planning on selling the bag and donating the profits to charity.

When asked if she’s friends with fellow contestant Hayley, who allegedly kissed Michael during their time on the show, Stacey responded: “I’m not going to stoop to her level and say anything mean, but no, we are not friends”.

For more on Stacey's epic Instagram Q&A, read our earlier article here.

Feature Image: Nine/Instagram @staceylhampton

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