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MAFS' Sam says he and Ines never had sex. But then she shared some very X-rated details.


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Grab. The. Popcorn.

It’s been nearly a month since Sam Ball and Ines Basic left Married at First Sight after their controversial affair, but yes we are still talking about it. Because Sam has just confirmed all of our suspicions that their rendezvous’ were scripted and manipulated by Channel 9 producers.

Talking on the Fitzy and Wippa show on Friday morning, the participant of the social experiment really had no limits with how much he was willing to share.

“We all know it’s not completely real,” he told the radio hosts.

“I was definitely quite attracted to Ines in a little way but yea there was definitely push and manipulated…in a way that it shouldn’t have been.”

“Your words get switched around”, he said, before adding that in certain situations producers would tell him: “It will sound great if you say this…”

“You get really deep and you just can’t pull out of it,” Ball explained. “It’s a completely different world, you’re wired up, you’ve got the cameras on and you’re on.”

"You get really deep and you just can't pull out of it," Ball explained. Image via Channel 9.

Sam then denied one of the biggest rumours about their affair, claiming they "never slept together".

When asked by Fitzy if there was an exact moment when Sam decided to "put [his] foot down with Channel 9" and leave the show, he replied with a definite yes.

"That last dinner party before that commitment ceremony when I went to leave was...yea...there was a lot behind the scenes that was going on between Ines and I that...I couldn't do it, I had to go."

And EXCUSE US but what was going on behind the scenes that we weren't privy to????

As for whether he's still in contact with his former (fake?) flame, he said: "Ines is blocked."

Which seems... unfortunate, given that she completely contradicted his claims on her Instagram stories.

With a screenshot of an article about Sam's radio interview this morning, Ines said: "Yeah. The producers made you eat my p***y for four hours hun."

"Yeh ok."

mafs sam
Oh. Image: Instagram.

Honestly, we feel like someone needs to maybe take away Ines' phone but also... not.

Sam also told Fitzy and Wippa that although he wasn't a paid actor for the reality series, he has aspirations for a career in that field, telling them: "I love acting."

But if that doesn't work out, he also answered their question about if he'll be on any other reality series, to which he said, "I haven't been approached yet. But you know, it's out in the open."

Sam then confirmed that he will be appearing on Married at First Sight again at the reunion.

We're assuming Ines will also be in attendance.

Bring it on.