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The Married At First Sight editing fail that has fans asking questions about Cam and Jules.

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After eight weeks of Married At First Sight, we’ve come to believe that either a) the editing team don’t have great attention to detail, or b) they’ve drastically underestimated the obsession of fans.

Because these editing fails are getting out of hand.

This week viewers spotted yet another error in Sunday night’s episode – this time involving Jules and Cam.

A conversation about how they were feeling about the current state of the experiment, i.e. the way in which everyone keeps cheating and/or lying, was made significantly less… authentic by a recurring problem.

Cam’s watch.

It kept disappearing and reappearing. It could be seen when they hugged, but then vanished in the moment that was supposedly immediately after.

mafs-editing fail
Watch. Two seconds later = no watch. Image: NineNow

Then, when they were holding hands, it reappeared - only to be missing when they hugged again.

mafs-editing fail
Watch reappears, only to vanish again. Image: NineNow.

We do understand how these shows work - producers ask participants to repeat conversations or moments to get better angles or better quality audio.

It's hard to believe, however, that what we're shown is genuine affection when the multiple takes are made so obvious to us.

And if this moment is rehearsed and performed, could every other moment between them be as well?

Editing blunders are one of the reasons fans found Sam and Ines affair so hard to believe. First text times were mixed up, then Ines' underwear changed colour, and then Sam's room changed door numbers.

But unlike Ines and Sam, Cam and Jules' feelings for each other seem to be legitimate. At least that's what we're going to continue telling ourselves.

Because at this point, having invested approximately 1050-billion hours into this show, we need something about it to be real.

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