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MAFS star Lucinda Light told us about the one storyline she wished had not been cut from the show.

Lucinda Light by name and Lucinda Light by nature. 

The quirky Married At First Sight contestant has proven to be not just a guiding light this season but has lit up the entire series with her delightful, warm and eccentric personality.

There is simply no one quite like Lucinda. Paired with another 2024 fave, Timothy Smith, they became quite the power couple even if, well... they never actually became a couple

They kissed (once!) sure, but let's be real: these two were simply made to be BFFs. Timothy struggled throughout the experiment in the aftermath of his father's death and while Lucinda attempted to get him to open up emotionally, eventually the Tin Man returned during Homestays Week. 

Ultimately, Lucinda decided she had to choose herself and her own happiness. 

Lucinda and Timothy departed the experiment during Sunday's Commitment Ceremony, which featured a breakup poem delivered by Lucinda because... of course.  

After they both voted to leave the experiment, Timothy said they will 'always be in each other's lives'.

Lucinda and Timothy both choose to leave MAFS. Image: Nine. 


But what's happened since the series wrapped? We caught up with THE Lucinda Light to get her take on why she finally chose to leave the experiment and partner, Timothy. 

"We just wanted really different things," Lucinda told Mamamia.

"He needed quite a bit of space. I actually had no idea that he wrote leave and I think for both of us, it became quite apparent that probably we're on really different pages." 

Ahead of the Commitment Ceremony, Lucinda revealed they hadn't spoken about their relationship since the dinner party. "We never really strategised. We would never kind of sneak behind the corner and come up with plans or things like that. In fact, often we would just be doing the thing on camera because Timothy didn't really like speaking about feelings and emotions outside of that."


But there were plenty of filmed scenes that didn't make the final edit which Lucinda wished had made the cut. "There's a lot of laughs that weren't shown, a lot of heckling on the couch, a lot of inappropriate moments and blooper moments," she admitted. 

"To me, the show was very funny while I was doing it. We just had so many laughs between Lauren [Dunn] and the team — there were quite a few funny characters there." 

Lauren has become the season's other breakout star. Image: Nine. 


Lucinda opened up about one unaired moment on Homestays Week that we simply deserve to see as an MAFS spin-off. 

"Tim and I went shopping for a goat. He was considering having a goat. What do you call it? A little mini Pygmy goat. He decided it was not a good idea. But we went over to Collingwood to have a look at the goats [laughs]."

Okay... obsessed. 

She added that Timothy did organise a cute date during Homestays. "There was a lot that happened in Homestays that wasn't shown. When I arrived there, he actually made us a little barbecue. He did try in his own way. That was a drizzling of gravy, like I could have been a little bit more gracious."

Lucinda said she understood why Timothy struggled with opening up throughout the experiment. "To be honest, I just think it is because of his recent grief with his dad," she said. 

"He was just scared and probably not ready. I was way more than he bargained for. Let's be honest, I'm a very acquired taste. I think I was a lot for him. I'm very outspoken. I'm a woman that knows what I want and who I am."

But she doesn't resent the MAFS producers for pairing her with Timothy, whose recent trauma became the dominating storyline for the couple. 

"I personally wouldn't have traded him for the world," she said. "I think we had an amazing journey together. I was very happy to hold space for him.


"I didn't think I took a backseat. It was an amazing journey for me as well. I would have loved a love story. At the same time, I got a love story of sorts, a beautiful love story." 

Since filming wrapped after the reunion, Lucinda and Timothy have formed a close friendship.

"We're really dear friends," she said. "We have really supported each other through this journey. We've been on the phone every other day. 

"Timbo knows I love him. He knows I'm here for him. Likewise. He's a good buddy. 

"We are from different worlds, but we understand and love and get each other. It's such a unique experience. Nobody quite knows what we lived through — that's a bond we'll always have."

Along with a newfound friendship, there's been rumours circulating that Lucinda has a new... job. But she has rejected any claims that she's going to become a MAFS expert next season. 

"I just think that's sensationalist media and there's really no merit to it," she said. "I don't think I've got what it takes to be an expert on marriage, since I'm not in one myself. I just don't think I could call myself an expert. I think it would be quite laughable at this point," she said, before teasing that something else could be on the horizon. 

"But it's not the last you'll see of me." 

We know, Lucinda, you absolute superstar. 

Feature image: Nine.