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1. PLOT TWIST: MAFS’ Michael Goonan and KC are moving in together.

Did you think all of the Married at First Sight drama and chaos was over? Think again.

MAFS’ self-proclaimed larrikin Michael Goonan is apparently dating one of his costars. And things seem to be getting quite serious – the pair are moving in together. And no, it is not Stacey Hampton.

Apparently, it’s KC Osborne.


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When appearing on NOVAFM’s podcast, The Babble, Natasha Spencer told Matty J and Ruby Teys that things are getting pretty serious between the two.

“As far as I know, KC is moving down to Melbourne to live with Michael. I’ve seen photos of them having lunch as Nobu…” she said.

Natasha continued to explain that even Michael’s family follow KC on social media. Meaning, the pair must be very serious.

“His sister follows KC on Instagram, and she never followed Stacey on Instagram, and KC’s in touch with Michael’s baby mumma and Michael’s asked for the baby mumma to meet KC. So yeah… it’s serious.”

Now, we just need photographic evidence.

2. ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s ex just gave Kyle and Jackie O the most awkward interview of their lives.

If you have a spare moment and enjoyed Netflix’s Tiger Kingplease give this interview a listen.

Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay sat down to talk to Kyle and Jackie O on KIISFM and wow… it was awkward. Unbelievably awkward.

Tiger King Joe Exotic Carole Baskin
Image: Netflix.

The conversation began with Kyle and Jackie O asking simple questions about the documentary and how life has been since.

“Why did you two break up?” Kyle began.

“There were some problems in the relationship and problems outside the relationship,” Finlay replied.

“Right…” said Kyle, hoping Mr Finlay would elaborate. He did not.

Jackie then intervened.

“You’ve gone from being someone who no one would recognise on the street… and now a lot of people would recognise you, yet you probably can’t walk the streets (because of COVID-19)?”

“Um…” Mr Finlay replied before a long silence.

Then Kyle said, “Life is good or not good?”

More silence.


Kyle continued to try to get through to Finlay and said, “You alright, John? Did she stump you? Too hard that question?”

“I couldn’t really understand the question," Finlay finally responded.

John Finlay who was married to Joe Exotic for three years but has since remarried. However, now to a woman.

joe exotic now
Image: Netflix.

Finlay shared with Kyle and Jackie O that he told her about his past with Joe Exotic before the met.


“What did she say?” Kyle asked.

“She wasn’t really shocked, she’s kind of lived that life before,” Finlay replied.

“Huh? Was she a lesbian?” a confused Kyle asked.

“No,” Finlay laughed.

After a painstakingly awkward 12 minutes, the KIIS FM hosts ended the interview and burst into laughter.

You can listen to the entire thing here.

Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix Australia now.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland competed in a topless handstand challenge and you’re going to want to see this.

Thank you Tom Holland. This is precisely the content we needed at the end of the week.

Topless handstands videos featuring yourself and Jake Gyllenhaal.

He did nominate Ryan Reynolds too... however, he sadly (brutally) declined.


Tom Holland started a trend on Instagram dubbed "The Handstand Challenge" where he does the said handstand shirtless, and then nominates three other people to do it.

First up, he nominated Ryan Reynolds, a British guy named Harrison Osterfield and Jake Gyllenhaal. And luckily for us, Gyllenhaal delivered.


You are welcome.

4. Hamish Blake crashed a Zoom ballet lesson… wearing a spandex leotard.

In news just in to make your Friday evening at home infinitely more exciting, Aussie comedian Hamish Blake today crashed a Zoom ballet lesson. Wearing a spandex leotard.

That's pretty much all the information right there, but allow us to expand on how this hilarity went down.

For context, Hamish has started a new social media series called Zoom For One More in which he asks people to send in the ID codes for


Zoom calls so he can randomly pop in to work meetings, social catch ups, uni lectures and the like.

The latest instalment sees the comedian drop in on Zoom calls with Guzman y Gomez executives, a women’s footy team captain announcement, an audit lesson and a ballet class, wearing an appropriate outfit for each one.

Hence, the ballet leotard.

You can watch all five minutes of Hamish's Zoom For One More video below. Enjoy!


5. In simpler times, all we cared about was Netflix's Cheer. Here's what the cast are doing now.

Ah, January. A simpler time, when toilet paper was in abundance and our biggest concern was whether Jerry would make mat.

Remember those days?

Three months ago, we confined ourselves to our homes before it was in vogue and enforced due to a global pandemic, so we could watch the Navarro cheer squad and their coach Monica Aldama prepare for Daytona in Netflix’s Cheer.

It led to us following 20 cheerleaders on Instagram and naming our plants Jerry (true story), because we loved them.

But now, three months later we’re… here. In this current situation, wishing we could go back to a time where we worried about strangers on our screen landing pyramids instead of COVID-19.

The Cheer cast are probably wishing this too: The pandemic has led to the cancellation of all cheer competitions including the big one, Daytona, which was scheduled to happen April 8-12.

We need a little Cheer back in our lives, so did a little investigating to see how Morgan, Lexi, Jerry, LaDarius, Gabi and the rest of the Navarro team are going.

Gabi Butler.


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Wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no “Mrs.”

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As we heard in the finale episode of Cheer, Gabi left Navarro to move home to Florida. She now cheers for Top Gun in Miami, has relaunched her YouTube channel with behind-the-scenes footage from Navarro's trip to Daytona and, get this: She's also gained more than 700,000 followers since the series dropped and now has 1.7 million followers.

Gabi's reportedly dating Florida football player Jordan Brooks-Wess.

In reference to COVID-19, Gabi wrote on Instagram that she's realised recently to "not to ever take a single second for granted... because you truly never know what can happen or when it will be the last time that you see someone... let’s try to keep in touch and reach out to those who we may not talk to as often. I love you guys with all my heart and I hope everyone is staying safe."


To read more about what the Cheer here.cast are up to, read our earlier article

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