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A pub crawl and a gun scare: What we didn't see during the MAFS reunion dinner party.

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We know what you’re thinking – the Married at First Sight reunion dinner party last night was wild. And oh yes, it was madness.

KC and Drew decided to split, Ivan and Aleks are (sort of) back together, Seb and Lizzie are moving in together, and most importantly, the rumours surrounding Mikey and Stacey’s cheating scandal were finally addressed.

And yes, it looks like the pair did sleep together. On Mikey and Natasha’s anniversary.

WATCH: The toast that ends a marriage. Post continues below.

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But that is not what we’re here to discuss.

There are a few things that happened before and after the filming of the reunion episode that might actually be wilder than the episode itself. Things that all occurred off-camera, but luckily for us, were documented and recently made public.

The pub crawl.

First off, there was a secret cast reunion.

On January 14, the cast of MAFS touched down in Sydney to prepare for the filming of the final dinner party the following day. And instead of having a singular vino and an early night, they decided to go on a pub crawl instead.

The night began with Natasha Spencer and Chris Nicholls meeting up with Hayley Vernon at her hotel room in Surry Hills, Sydney, for some pre-drinks. Before they joined cast members Steve Burley, Josh Pihlak and Drew Brauer at a pub nearby.


A source told the Daily Mail, “Producers went to great effort and expense to split the cast into separate hotels to avoid this happening, but none of them cared. It was a sh*t show behind the scenes. Once again, the best drama was off-camera”.

Despite no further information given, Hayley labelled the evening, “the best night I had out with the fam”.

We can only guess what that lot got up to.

The boozy night out.

Secondly, there was another boozy night out. This time it was the night after the reunion episode was filmed, and it included Mikey Pembroke, Chris Nicholls (again), Mishel Karen, Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula.

The night began at Mikey’s apartment, where he and Chris began drinking. Then, the pair met up with Mishel, Aleks and Ivan to party and dance at a Sydney nightclub for hours.

The ‘gun scare’.

Lastly, there was a gun scare.

Hours before filming the final dinner party, producers were made aware that Natasha Spencer might have a ‘weapon’ in her hotel room. Leading executive producer, Tara McWilliams, to follow up on these said rumours and investigate.


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Upon searching the room, they found a weapon. A water pistol…

Natasha explained that the reasons for obtaining the plastic children’s toy was to spray ex-husband Mikey Pembroke if he did not admit to sleeping with Stacey Hampton.

Image: Social.

A source told the Daily Mail"She wanted to hide it in her dress and squirt it at Mikey and Stacey if they lied in front of the group. She was out for revenge and thought it would be hilarious to suddenly pull the water pistol out and start wetting them across the table."

Sadly, executive producer McWilliams denied the use of the water pistol as it promoted gun violence.

Whilst the weapon of choice wasn't exactly dangerous, photos suggest that the producers were spooked by the story and upped the security for the night, with staff members checking each car that arrived at the location in Lilyfield, Sydney.

Honestly, this year's cast was crazy. Let's hope next year's is too.

Feature image: Instagram/@hayleyvernon_

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