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Here we go again. Australia reacts to yet another cheating scandal on Married at First Sight.

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Um, is it just us or does this feel like déjà vu?

Just two weeks on from Sam and Ines’ controversial cheating scandal, it’s happened again.

Yep, there’s been yet another wife swap on Married at First Sight.

Can this show get any more ridiculous?!

In recent weeks, contestant Jessika hasn’t exactly been subtle about the fact that she’s on the hunt for a new husband.

The 26-year-old, who is ‘married’ to Mick on the show, set her sights on both Cyrell’s husband Nic AND Tamara’s husband Dan at the last dinner party.

mafs jessika
Oh. It finally happened.

And now, following a heated argument with Mick on last night's episode, Jessika has taken her crush on Dan to the next level.

During tonight's episode, Jess and Dan left the dinner party to have some one-on-one time... and um, haven't we seen this exact scenario before?

Standing outside a window which looks into the room where both their spouses are sitting, they kiss.

mafs jessika and dan
Please.. .make it stop.

Dan then encourages Jess to stick around at the next commitment ceremony so they continue to be together and wait, what?

Erm, you know you can just leave the experiment and be together in the real world, right?

Here's how Australia reacted to Jess and Dan's affair:







It seems Jessika and Dan's kiss at the dinner party wasn't a one off.

Earlier this month, the pair were photographed kissing on the Gold Coast in photos published by New Idea magazine on Monday.

Speaking to Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, Jessika responded to the rumours that she is dating Dan outside of the experiment.

"You'll have to wait and see it play out but um, yeah, you can't really deny photographs..." she said when asked about the papped pics.

She also commented on her relationship with Mick, explaining that their relationship became "a bit toxic on both ends".

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