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How Australia reacted to the most infuriating cheating scandal on Married at First Sight.

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It happened.

It finally happened.

After watching Married at First Sight’s Sam Ball and Ines Basic carry out a (likely very staged) affair for episodes on end, the pair have finally, erm, sealed the deal.

After secretly texting each other behind their matched partners Elizabeth and Bronson’s backs, Sam and Ines took their affair to the next level.

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With Ines telling her ‘husband’ Bronson that she’d be going home to fake tan and Sam left alone on the trip as Elizabeth was too ill to travel, the pair met for a secret date while visiting the Gold Coast.

“I was trying to give it a shot but unfortunately Elizabeth decided to go rogue a bit,” Sam said.

Before long, Sam and Ines were sitting in a bar sharing a conversation that was largely focused on relentlessly complimenting each other.

mafs ines and sam
Pls...make it stop.

Next thing we know, Ines is back in Sam's hotel room and we're left with a shot of Ines and Sam taking their clothes off and kissing on the bed and um, does this mean what we think it means?

Here's how Australia reacted to Sam and Ines' cheating scandal.





With Sam's 'wife' Elizabeth set to return on tomorrow night's episode, we're sure there's loads more drama to come.

Married At First Sight airs tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

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