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The biggest storyline of last night's MAFS reunion dinner didn't make it to air.

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For weeks now, there's been a disturbing Married At First Sight storyline taking place not on our TV screens, but across social media, involving a leaked video, homophobia and fat-shaming.

In early April, a video featuring MAFS groom Jason was leaked. It was filmed three days before the final vows were filmed in December, and showed Jason ranting about cast mate Liam, while Georgia (Liam's 'wife') and Johnny laugh.

Jason called Liam "ugly", "fat" and chubby", said "Georgia is way hotter than him" and questioned Liam's identity as a bisexual man, saying he was a "full-blown homosexual".

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Video via Nine.

The expectation was for this to be finally addressed on-air at the cast reunion, the first half of which aired on Wednesday night, because we know Liam brought it up.

But when the episode went to air, it became clear these conversations were cut.

The storyline was totally absent from the episode.

Now Liam, the subject of Jason's taunts, has gone rogue on Snapchat to call out not just his cast mates, but editors and producers for cutting everything to do with it.

"F***ing disgusting."

"How in god's name are you guys covering this edit up?" he began in his response, viewable on So Dramatic's Instagram page, saying the beginning of the night was dominated by conversations between Liam and the three in the video.

"That video was f***ing disgusting and tonight at the very start of the dinner party we all went to town.

"I questioned Jason about the video, I pulled Georgia up on this video, Jason just sat there with a f***ing smug look on his face and didn't even want to talk about it."


Liam said Georgia told him she was sorry, and he told her she was only sorry because she was caught.

"To literally sit there and edit this out and make me look like I just walked in there and ignored Georgia is f***ing disgusting."

He said the episode made it seem like he'd just ignored Georgia for no reason, but in fact he'd entered the reunion, ignored Jason and Georgia, made his way to Patrick and told him it was due to the video.

Liam concluded to say the editing was "poor form".

Speaking to Hit Hobart 100.9's Jimmy & Nath on Wednesday, before the episode aired, Liam said he didn't understand why Georgia had decided to stay with him at the final vows, which took place just after the video was taken.

"I just wish they had [matched me with] someone who wanted to be there and wasn't there just for fame," he said.

What actually happened at the reunion.

We know that the video played a major part in the reunion night... we just didn't see it.

According to So Dramatic! podcast, Liam had requested an apology from those involved in the video but he did not get one.

"Liam actually brought the video up a few times because he wanted an apology and wasn't getting it," host Megan Pustetto said.

"Not only did Liam not get the apology he deserved, but Jason tried to laugh it off and sat there with what one contestant described as a 'smug look on his face'. He then went super quiet and tried to leave after that."

Bryce allegedly got himself involved too, telling Liam: "Sounds like you are jealous that you weren't invited to the party."

"Yes Bryce, I am sooo jealous I didn't get invited to the homophobic, fat shaming party," Liam replied.

Pustetto said Kerry cried while trying to defend Johnny, saying he would never get involved in something like this.

The Georgia video.

The Daily Mail also released a video of Georgia at the reunion, speaking to camera about the video after her confrontation with Liam.

In the clip, Georgia said she was ashamed and sorry for "a really innocent f***-up". 


"It's like one of those things you do and you're like, 'I need to learn from it.' I can't take it back. It's all out there now."

She said she regretted laughing at Jason's rant, but it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

"I am the most accepting person in the world. I have more gay friends than anyone you will ever meet," she said.

"Liam admitted to Johnny that he actually hasn't even seen [the video], so for him to be coming in so hot and heavy about homophobic comments..." she continued, saying she didn't think the clip contained any homophobic language.

In the video, Jason accuses Liam of being a "full-blown homosexual" like it was an insult.

"Yes, Jason used the word 'homosexual'," Georgia said.

"That's not an inappropriate comment, that's actually a correct term, so for it to get escalated like that was really wild."

This all led to Alana and Jason's breakup.

We know that even though Jason and Alana chose to stay together at the final vows, they didn't stay together very long, breaking up a couple of weeks later.

Jason broke up with Alana over text, which So Dramatic! said was because she had called him out on his homophobia and told him his behaviour was not acceptable.

Following Wednesday's episode, Liam uploaded an Instagram post thanking Alana for being a good friend.

There's still one reunion episode to air, on Sunday night, so there's a chance this could all come to light then but... somehow, we doubt it will.

Feature image: Nine/Instagram.