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We're calling it: The experts give Married at First Sight's Heidi absolutely awful advice.


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We really need to talk about last night’s Married at First Sight commitment ceremony.

After another rocky week in the competition, Heidi and Mike’s discussion with the experts has left fans feeling frustrated once again.

And it’s easy to see why.

Heidi and Mike’s discussion during last night’s commitment ceremony left fans frustrated. Post continues below…

During the episode, Heidi told the experts about a heated argument the couple had during the week over towels.

“He uses all the towels. We’re talking using every towel in the house and leaving them on the ground so I have no towel when I shower,” Heidi said.

“It’s just inconsideration. Whatever happens, that’s the common theme with whatever comes up with us,” she added.

“I don’t really see these things as problems,” Mike responded. “I’m not a grub, but I do leave some things around. And I get in trouble for it.”


But you see Mike, leaving towels on the ground is a problem.

No one wants to use a used, manky towel, Mike. No one.

Be more considerate, pls.

MAFS john aiken
The experts defended Mike once again. Image: YouTube.

To make matters even worse, the experts defended Mike's behaviour.

"Heidi my concern here is that Mike may well be exactly what you've asked for and you're doing everything you can to sabotage that," expert Mel Schilling responded.

But it was John Aiken who had the strangest advice of all for the 38-year-old.


"In what way, does talking about towels work here?" John asked.

"When you think about bringing up little things and sweating the small stuff, just tell him that you feel scared rather than beating him around the head."

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Erm, what?

Heidi isn't scared.

She just wants him to pick up his goddamn towels off the ground. It's not hard.

This isn't the first time the experts have sided with Mike over Heidi on Married At First Sight.

Since the very beginning of the season, fans have pointed out John Aiken's strange vendetta against Heidi on the show.


During last week's commitment ceremony, John claimed that the couple's marriage breakdown was all Heidi's fault.

"I don't like what I'm seeing," John said.

"You say, Heidi, that you're prepared to do whatever it takes to make this work. I don't think you do. I think you're sabotaging this," he continued.


"I don't think you want this. 'Cause the way you're acting... he's not gonna last. You guys are just starting to become people that are drifting apart."

"Just settle, Heidi. Don’t sabotage your relationship, Heidi. Do you want to end up single, Heidi?"

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