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Australia reacts to Jessika's continual dedication to torturing husband Mick on MAFS.

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Shh, it’s commitment ceremony time.

Which means fighting.

Tonight we braced ourselves for Jessika continuing to force Mick, who is starting to look more defeated by the second, to stay in the prison of their fake marriage so she can keep macking on with Tamara’s husband Dan and good lord this show is next level.

We found ourselves mourning the loss of Cyclone Cyrell and her explosive dinner party presence after both she and Nic decided to leave while most of their crockery was still intact.

Billy has finally been set free from Susie’s furore over non-existent sweetener.

And thanks to the experts we’re still very aware of the fact that Ning and Mark have not had sex yet.

"So tell us, have you boned?"

But let's face it, we're all here for the cheating scandal...

And the potential rescue effort to save Mick from his own personal hell.

Mick is not OK.

Here's how Australia reacted to Jess' commitment to her torture of Mick while pursuing another woman's husband:






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