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After weeks of toxic fights, MAFS' Susie finally broke Billy. Here's how Australia reacted.

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Things certainly haven’t been going smoothly between Married at First Sight’s Billy and Susie.

From the time Susie reduced Billy to tears over a ridiculous argument involving sweetener and surfing to the time Susie claimed that Billy was “not manly enough” and that he needs to “grow some balls”, it’s been incredibly rough.

But tonight, it happened.

It finally happened.

After weeks of toxic arguments and name-calling, Billy snapped.

And oh boy, we just couldn’t look away.

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It all began when Susie’s father flew in from Adelaide with the sole purpose of cracking down on Billy.

“You’re way too weak. You’re just not strong enough to do this,” Susie’s dad told Billy.

“You’re talking crap. You know what, I did expect much more from you.”

But it was a heated conversation with Susie and her friends which truly broke Billy, when Susie’s friends claimed that Susie hasn’t treated ex-partners like she treated Billy.

“She doesn’t treat her ex-partners like this. What is it with me? What have I do?” Billy asked.

“I’m so worn out. This is what happens when you coil up a spring. She’s difficult, she’s nasty and I can’t stand her to tell you the truth,” he continued.

mafs billy
"I'm so worn out."

"They can have her. They can have Susie. They love her for what she is – a rude, obnoxious, nasty woman," Billy told the cameras before storming out.


Back at Susie's home after the unsuccessful lunch, Billy had some harsh last words for his 'wife'.

"You know what, that's your problem Susie. You don't listen to anyone and you surround yourself with people who dilute you," Billy told his wife. "That's why you have a bad attitude and bad behaviour and that's why you will not find a nice man. I'm trying to help you, my dear, but you're a brat."

"Let me just say something before I go, you and me are done, completely over, and it makes me extremely happy to say so," Billy said as he walked out the door. "This experience has been one of the worst of my life."

Here's how Twitter reacted to Billy's dramatic breakdown on Married at First Sight.







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