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Australia reacts after Billy's masculinity was scrutinised on Married at First Sight.

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If we’ve learnt anything from the four MAFS intruders, it’s that Susie might very well give Ines a run for her money as this season’s ‘villain’.

She’s certainly… outspoken.

But tonight, John Aitken wasn’t having it.

During the episode’s commitment ceremony, fellow contestants watched on in shock as the aged care worker and single mum was unapologetic about comments she made to her husband Billy. He revealed during the tense couch conversation that she’d told him he’s “not manly enough” and that he needs to “grow some balls”.

Billy looked on the verge of tears during the exchange.

Dangerous rhetoric in a climate where a large portion of society is committed to stamping out the toxic masculinity.

John Aiken was visibly shocked by her justifications, so much so, he urged her to stop, adding that she was "doing his head in".

And Twitter seemed to wholeheartedly agree, suggesting Susie's words could be more damaging than we think:


If anyone ever calls me darling, the way that Susie is saying it to Billy, please send help. #mafs


Should there be a blanket ban on the term 'man up'? Tell us in the comments.

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