The beautiful Married At First Sight moment we didn't get to see on TV.

There were clenched stomachs across the nation on Tuesday night as we watched Alycia Galbraith stand at the altar waiting for her new husband, gift of the Married at First Sight experts.

Was a no-show possible? Could the reality TV Gods really be so heartless?

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Matthew, 32, a plumber from Melbourne finally turned up and – with sweet introductions and long chats with family members – made up for his tardiness in no time. “My pants didn’t fit,” he confessed to his bride.

But there was a special moment before he arrived, in the middle of all the stress, that viewers at home didn’t get to see.

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Alycia, a 28-year-old photographer and lifestyle blogger from Adelaide, shared an image to Instagram of Matthew’s mother comforting her as the guests were waiting for the groom to show.

“A moment at our wedding that I’d like to share as it was very special, but was not shown,” the caption reads, posted yesterday.

“While waiting for Mat, I took the opportunity to sit with his lovely family to introduce myself and start to get to know them!

“You can see Sue holding my hand tightly comforting me which meant so much as it helped me to feel okay. It’s the small things.”

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With Matthew’s “pants didn’t fit” gaffe, the pair kicked it off instantly. They shared a kiss and following the ceremony, Matthew met Alycia’s brother Eden.

“I live in South Australia and I’ve got Aspergers and a bit of autism,” Eden told Matthew.

The Melbourne plumber responded perfectly, telling Eden: “I hope I can gain your trust mate, because letting your sister do something like this is a pretty big step.”

The pair left with a hug, and Matthew’s promise to “spend a bit of time with you too, Eden”.

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