We're only one episode in and Australia has already named its favourite MAFS couple.

Things are dire on the front lines of Australian television.

We’ve had the recent breakup of The Bachelorette couple Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy. There’s the possibility of a stabbing between two groups on My Kitchen Rules. Oh, and don’t forget the presence of a temper-tantrum-throwing tennis champ in the jungle…

The Reality TV Gods are aware: Australia needs a love story right now.

Luckily the experts (ahem) on Married at First Sight have been hard at work while we have been busy… watching too much TV?

And last night, on the first episode of the show’s fifth season, one particular couple captured the imagination of the Australian people.

There is Sarah, a 38-year-old beauty specialist from Melbourne, who won us over by referring to herself  as “bo-glam” – an almost Sophie-Monk-worthy mix of bogan plus glamorous.

She was further embedded within Australia’s collective beating heart when she shared that her ex-boyfriend left her after she fell pregnant with his twins. Tragically, she miscarried and now, she is hoping to start a family.

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Enter Telv, 33, who is a single father from Western Australia (they couldn’t find anyone further apart geographically). He is a FIFO worker and looking to grow his family.


“We both have sweaty hands,” Sarah told guests as she stood at the altar with Telv, thus proving herself to be the honest, down-to-earth heroin the Reality TV Gods know we love.

Upon leaving the ceremony, she proceeded to take her high heels off (tick) and Telv, without missing a beat, quietly bent down to pick them up before taking her arm again. Swoon.

“She’s gorgeous. She’s quite curvy, and she has an incredible smile, too,” Telv told the cameras after the wedding. “So, yeah, she’s ticking boxes for days. It’s perfect.”


Sarah also thinks Telvs’ ‘ticking boxes for days’, telling the camera: “Looking at Telv, he’s got beautiful eyes and a really nice smile. And he’s a little bit shaky – he really held onto my hands.”

All these factors have seduced Australia into thinking Sarah and Telv are the one. And if not? Well LOVE IS DEAD… Or something like that… Apparently.




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