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Everything we know about the wild cast of MAFS 2024.

Married At First Sight 2024 will hit our screens shortly, promising relentless drama and chaos and we cannot wait. Details surrounding the show's official air date are still under wraps, we can assume based on previous years it'll be early next year. 

In the meantime, we've been told to expect a far more diverse season than in the past, with many weddings rumoured to have already started kicking off in Sydney earlier this month. 

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But as we wait in anticipation, let us introduce you to every member of the cast rumoured to be joining the upcoming season.

Lauren Dunn.

Instagram: @so.cooked


You might know Lauren Dunn as the ex-girlfriend of NRL player Ryan Crowley, who recently split. Rumour has it Dunn has openly been sharing she'll be on the next season of MAFS.

Dunn currently works in PR and runs her own social media account dedicated to food blogging. 

Cassandra Allen.

Instagram: @cassandraallen_ 


Gold Coast girlie, Cassandra Allen, is both a fashion influencer and a model with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Allen is rumoured to be joining the cast and has been spotted meeting other fellow cast members at a bar located in Sydney.

Tori Adams.

Instagram: @torileighadams


Business development manager, Tori Adams, is rumoured to have joined the show after being spotted with a film crew, wearing a white gown and at a favourite wedding hot spot.

Adams' Instagram profile is currently private, and we have a strong feeling it'll stay that way in the coming months.

Sara Mesa.

Instagram: @saramessy

Image: Instagram: @saramessy.

Nutritionist and fitness coach, Sara Mesa, has recently been photographed wearing a white dress, bouquet in hand, walking toward a suited-up mail. This gives us a pretty strong inkling she'll be joining the cast for the upcoming season.

Jayden Eynaud

Instagram: @jaydeneynaud.kickboxer


You may recognise this face a little cos' Jayden is actually the brother of Mitch Eynaud, who was quite controversial and gained himself a sufficient amount of screen time.

However, it looks like kickboxer brother Jayden is ready to find his one true love, as he was pictured waiting for a lucky lady dressed in white.

Eden Harper.

Instagram: @edenharper


Although many details surrounding who Eden Harper is are yet to be disclosed, we can say that she was confirmed to be wearing a white dress, on her way to meet a suited-up Jayden Eynaud. 

Ben Walters.

Instagram: @walters_tours

Image: Instagram: @walters_tours  

Earlier this year there had been mentions that Walters was to appear on the new season of The Bachelors. However, the podcaster's dreams were quickly shot down. Since then, it's been rumoured that Walters has joined the MAFS cast instead.


Collins Christian.

Instagram: @collins_christian_

Although we have very little info on Collins Christian, we do know he's originally from Perth, WA. Christian is said to be one of the rare nice guys joining the show.

Jack Dunkley.

Instagram: @jack_dunkley

Personal trainer, Jack Dunkley, from the sunny state of Queensland, is rumoured to be a heartthrob looking for love in the upcoming season. Along with many other rumoured cast, his socials are private.

Tim Calwell.

Instagram: @timcalwell

Digital Marketing man, Tim Calwell, not only means business in work but now in the dating world too. Offering e-commerce solutions and strategies to entrepreneurs hoping to use marketing for money. Will Calwell have a strategy going into this matchmaking arena? Tune in to find out.

Image: Channel 9.

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