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A blurry nightclub video and a 'crafty edit': All the MAFS 2023 gossip in one place.

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We've officially come to the end of this year's season of Married At First Sight and the drama has been... a lot. 


From a 'secret girlfriend' drama in the first episode to a cheating scandal, gaslighting, and of course, some spoilers that ruined the ending, it's been a busy few months in MAFS land.

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Video via Channel 9.Tahnee

Here's all the behind-the-scenes gossip in one place.

Evelyn and Duncan are dating.

Two of this year's most talked-about contestants, Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James, have apparently started dating according to multiple reports.

In a video obtained by reality TV gossip site The Wash, the two were spotted on the dance floor of a Sydney club over the weekend. And the footage is hot and heavy. (Yes, Duncan was shirtless and yes, the pictures are below.)

Duncan is seen lifting Evelyn up, carrying her like he's a firefighter at one point, before she then straddles him. And it's pretty iconic. 


The romance rumours between Evelyn and Duncan first sprouted a few months ago. This new clip certainly does nothing to dispel the gossip.

Footage stills of Evelyn and Duncan on a rowdy night out. Image: The Wash.

Jesse claims the reunion was edited to look like he was getting back together with Claire.

Last night's reunion left us with hope Jesse and Claire may potentially get back together on the outside. But according to Jesse, it was all a 'crafty edit'. 

In a Facebook comment, shared by a user on Reddit, Jesse set the record straight called out the show for making it appear that there was a chance for the exes. 

"Almost everything I say about Claire that night has been craftily edited to appear that there’s still a chance for us," he wrote.

Jesse went on to say that many of his sentences were "stitched together" and the pair were simply being friendly towards eachother. 

"Claire and I absolutely DID NOT talk every day. I actually spent the entire drive to the reunion talking about how I wasn't too keen on seeing Claire or Adam and how I wanted to mostly be by myself that night."

"What you saw was Claire and I simply being polite; friendly and kind to each other. No need for a fight. We shared a hello hug. We spoke once more that entire night. Nothing more to it."

"At the end of the day, my honesty/integrity isn't what needs to be questioned - coz [sic] I'm always gonna tell you the truth, clarify things and set it straight."

Melissa left the reunion.

Melissa apparently walked out of the reunion after watching her experience play back on the screen.

An unnamed source supposedly told the Daily Mail that Melissa was "crying and inconsolable" after feeling "sl*t-shamed" by her edit. 

"Jesse was there with her trying to calm her down until a producer walked over to try and talk to her," they said. 

"Melissa was having none of it and didn't want a bar of production, she ripped off her microphone and announced she was leaving."

According to the publication, producers reportedly "knew they did her wrong" and let her leave. 

We know more about Cameron's infamous FaceTime call.

We've heard a lot about a certain FaceTime call during the final two reunion episodes. 

On Monday night, Cam quite clearly told the experts, he "got his dick out in a night club" during a FaceTime call with Taylah when he was out with his mates. 

Tayla has since shared more about the incident in an interview with the Daily Mail, clarifying she wasn't the only one there when it happened. 

"Cam was out on the town and all of his friends kind of FaceTime me, he calls me he whipped it out in the club for everyone to see, not just me," she told the publication. 

"And there was so many people there, it was a pretty brave move. He didn't care. But it was funny, I guess him and I have that same kind of sense of humour - just a bit silly and I didn't think it was bad, but Lyndall definitely did."

Tayla also spoke about the pair's friendship, saying Cam is "a really good guy" who has "been so nice to me" throughout the experiment. 

"But Cam lives very far away from me. I'm in Tassie and he's in Darwin - so, you know, that kind of makes it pretty impossible for anything. But yeah, I will always kind of be friends with Cam."

She also shared Cam supported her when she read a personal letter at the reunion dinner party, which didn't make it to air. 

"After that big moment at the dinner party, he was like the one I was like looking at the entire time I was shaking, my whole body was shaking and I just said, 'I can't do this, I can't do this'. And he was like, 'no, you can'," she recalled.

Hugo is apparently dating an Instagram influencer.

No one was surprised when Hugo and Tayla went their separate ways on MAFS after deciding they were not a "good match" for one another. 


But now it looks like the former reality star husband has moved on with fitness influencer Carla Chatkiewicz. 

Apparently, they're 'just friends', but the rest of the internet isn't so convinced.

After being spotted together a bunch of times, a source told Daily Mail that they had been on a few dates and "really hit it off". 

"They have so much in common and their chemistry is undeniable. It's like night and day compared to his relationship with Tayla," the insider added.

Image: Instagram @mafsgossip.


Tahnee and Ollie are 'related'.

So it turns out, Tahnee Cooke and Ollie Skleton are actually related. Don't worry though, it's not by blood. 

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the MAFS bride shared details about the couple's strange connection and how they found out about it.

"At the wedding, obviously the two families were separated," she told the publication. 

"Ollie’s mum looked over and she saw my sister’s fiancé Jasper and she said, 'I know you! Your dad is my cousin!'"

"And then she started freaking out being like, what if the bride is Jasper’s sister? Because then we’d literally be blood-related," Tahnee continued.

"She was going up to producers being like, 'Is that guy blood-related to the bride because we’re going to have an issue if so.'"

Tahnee and Ollie on Married At First Sight. Image: Nine.


Funnily enough, Ollie had never met his second cousin Jasper before. 

"I think Ollie has met Jasper’s dad like once or twice at funerals or big family things like that, but they were in a family group chat which they didn’t know about,' she said.

While this little fact would freak some out, the couple mostly just find it funny.

"I saw it as a really great sign because I love Jasper," she added. 

"He’s amazing and I have a great relationship with him, so I was like, if Ollie’s family is anything like Jasper’s family we’re sweet."

Harrison says he was looking for fame with MAFS.

We all knew it was true, but now Harrison has admitted to it.


Appearing on Nova's Nathan, Nat and Shaun earlier this week, the groom said he came on the show knowing that even if a relationship didn't work out, it would be beneficial.

"I went on the show because I was looking to get into a relationship. I wanted to test myself," he said. 

"And I was pretty open about the fact that at least if that didn’t work out, being famous also has its advantages."

He continued, "So I’m just gonna come out and say that’s probably the two main motivations for most people going on the show, is that they’re either gonna meet the person of their dreams or their gonna get that blue tick."

Former MAFS groom Jackson Lonie and current MAFS bride Tayla Winter may be an item?

According to The Daily Mail, it seems that Jackson Lonie, who was paired up with Olivia Frazer on his season, has been hanging out with current MAFS bride Tayla Winter.

In an Instagram live recently, Lonie's ex-girlfriend Frazer said her ex was dating one of the current brides.

Lonie has since denied these claims, telling PEDESTRIAN.TV that he isn't dating anyone from the current cast, but has been chatting with them.

Dan allegedly had four girlfriends while filming for MAFS. 

According to So Dramaticit wasn't just Harrison who was dating someone whilst in the dating experiment – it was Dan too. 

The publication shared how the groom was seeing four women right up until the moment he went into film. He then continued to date them during and after the show.


One of the women includes Danni, who allegedly moved from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to be with Dan. She had been seeing him since 2021. 

Dan and his secret girlfriend, Danni. Image: So Dramatic.

"He told her he was doing the show but he didn’t want to break up with her because he needed her in his life," an insider told the publication. 

"He asked her to let him do it and if she would wait for him until it finished."


"He told her he was going on the show to 'better himself' so he could 'serve their relationship better' and get him to where he wanted to be in life," the source said.

Apparently, Dan hoped the experts "could teach him something" so that he could "show up better" in his relationship, and they kept in contact daily.

"Dan was calling and messaging Danni the whole time during filming," the source said. 

"He spoke to her pretty much every day whilst in the experiment."

Dan and his secret girlfriend, Danni. Image: So Dramatic.


It doesn't stop there.

Aside from his now-current girlfriend Samantha (whom he allegedly cheated on Danni to be with), he was supposedly also seeing two other women, Tallara and Paris Lily. 

"Dan would spend time with Paris when he was hiding from Sandy. He was not at the gym like he claimed, he was with his girlfriend Paris," the insider said.

"He spent most days with her during filming. They would go to the beach, grab coffee or lunch or hang out at her place together."

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Harrison says he tried to "leave week one" but wasn't allowed. 

Harrison aired all the gossip he could in the seven minutes he was on the Fitzy & Wippa Show. 

The MAFS groom shared he tried to leave in "week one" but was persuaded to stay by producers. 

"As much as people hate to admit it, if I wasn't on the show it would be a very boring season. Right? I’ve definitely come in as the lightning rod for this season," he told the radio hosts. 

"I think I’ve got a big personality and I’m quite controversially outspoken, which is a good dynamic for the MAFS franchise, definitely."


The Married At First Sight contestant then added, "There [were] other times through the experiment I also wanted to leave but, you know, I was basically told that, 'If you leave, we don’t have a show.' 

"Like, 'It’s just going to be the other cast members and there’ll be no one in there to sort of create that friction which is essentially what we need'."

Harrison said also MAFS producers edited out a lot of the ladies' behaviours to make them look better.

"The thing is there’s so much of Sandy’s behaviour that doesn’t get shown, like if you actually watch the show this year. And I think I can say this broadly now, the women are 100 per cent being protected by the edit," he said.

"There is so much of Bronte’s behaviour we don’t see, so much of Claire’s behaviour we don’t see. So much of Sandy’s behaviour that we don’t see. Lyndall’s behaviour we don’t see." 

Tayla and Hugo shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes gossip in a leaked video.

In what is perhaps the most stale tea of all time: producers play a huge role in all the MAFS drama we see go down on screen. Shocking stuff, we know!

But it is always interesting to hear exactly how things play out behind-the-scenes of the chaos that makes it to our screens, so a newly leaked video of Tayla and Hugo giving us some deets is still welcomed.

Thanks, team.


The video was shared on the mafsgossip Instagram page and features the pair lying in bed and dropping some truth bombs.

"Anything of substance, we're only allowed to do that in front of [cameras] while they see what we say," Hugo says. "It's really weird."

"We have not been able to talk," Tayla adds.

"We are checked on to see if we are actually talking. We're very directed in what we have to say and filming doesn't stop because we're being held accountable for the characters we're supposed to be."


At the end of the vid, Hugo then says, "Tayla's not as mean as everybody makes her out to be."

"That was really cute," she replies.

"But she still should think I'm hotter than I am," he jokes. "I don't know what the f**k that's about, I'm a delight."

Harrison went back to his ‘secret girlfriend’ after filming ended. 

Well, surprise surprise. 

According to So Dramatic!, Harrison went straight back to his 'secret girlfriend' Abby Miller after filming ended. 

In a podcast episode, host Megan Pustetto read out now deleted text messages from Harrison to Abby on the day MAFS began filming. One text read: “can’t chat will try to call soon”. 

According to the podcast, Harrison reunited with Abby as soon as the show finished filming. 

“They started talking again in December, just days after filming ended and by January they were hanging out together most days,” a source told the podcast. “Things were serious between them again.”

After receiving a number expensive gifts from Abby for his birthday in January, apparently Harrison coldly dumped her, the source revealed.

"His manager got in his ear and scared him and Harrison said to Abby, my manager said we shouldn’t see each other anymore," they said. 


"We can still talk but we can’t be seen together in public, because it won’t be a good look if I’m seen dating the same person I was dating before the show.

"Abby was really hurt."

In the short time they were together between filming and the reunion, Harrison allegedly made Abby delete and resend a number of messages between them so he couldn’t be incriminated. 

"Harrison made Abby delete incriminating messages sent between them in front of him because he knew it could ruin him later, he didn’t trust her and wanted to cover his tracks," So Dramatic!’s source stated.

It seems Bronte was also on the hunt for ammunition prior to the reunion, because she allegedly reached out to Abby on Facebook asking for 'clarity' around her relationship with Harrison. 


Shannon Adams is back with his ex-fianceé.

The men on MAFS never learn: don’t ruin their storyline on the show by getting caught with another woman AFTER the show.

And yet here we are; another day, another contestant. Shannon Adams has reportedly gotten back with his ex-fiancée according to the Daily Mail.

Is anyone surprised here? He did tell his partner Caitlin McVonville that he was still in love with his ex, so at least he’s honest?

According to the publication, Adams kept in touch with ex-fiancée Jamea Drake throughout filming of the show because the pair share a young daughter together. 

"I think Shannon tried to get over Jamea by going on MAFS but he had second thoughts as soon as he married Caitlin," one source said, "He was upset after the wedding and wanted out right away."

"They were together for about seven years… it was very on and off but they are happy now."

Imagine how Caitlin felt! She doesn’t know what’s going on inside his head, so as far as she was concern he took one look at her mug and wanted to tap out. 



"He had planned to put in 100 per cent into his relationship with Caitlin but just couldn’t because he was still invested in Jamea," they said.

Daily Mail also reported that Adams’ time on MAFS was what "sparked a wave of emotions" and ended up being the reason the pair decided to "give things another ago… for each other, not just for the little girl."

Image: Channel Nine


Caitlin responds to Shannon's confession that he's still in love with his ex.

Caitlin told 9Entertainment that Shannon's confession about still being in love with his ex was "hard to hear".

"The thing that hit the hardest was that this was supposed to be my opportunity to find love, and [it felt like] it was now potentially non-existent or maybe never existed if he came in here loving his ex," Caitlin explained.

"I had been in this position before. I have never been somebody's first choice or somebody's special person and here I was yet again in the experiment in that same situation. It was a hard pill to swallow."

Image: Nine.


A bizarre video from Shannon has resurfaced.

Once again, the MAFS cast is learning that old social media videos do resurface - and some can come back to bite.

A video of Shannon has emerged online showing him spitting indoors and swearing while standing in a gym. He's offering fitness advice to clients (as a personal trainer) and refers to female gym goers as "sexy little bittys".

"See that sexy little bitty on the treadmill and you're eyeing her off? No, no, no, no, no. F**k her!" he shouts aggressively in the old clip resurfaced by Daily Mail.

"You are not in here for that. Go to a f**king bar, Leave her alone. You're in here for yourself. You pay your dues, that's how you got to be. And that's a winner. She'll come along in the long term."

A cast member told Daily Mail: "It was very distressing seeing some of the aggressive content he had on his page. We were all very shocked... was not a good look for him at all."

The 'villains' this season are reportedly all... men.

Tara McWilliams, Director of Content at Endemol Shine Australiapreviously told the Daily Mail that season 10 will see some "controversial people".


McWilliams also told Variety Australia this season will see even more "scandals".

"We have scandals again, but scandals that you haven't seen. And that's what I love about this, the reality Gods have really kind of smiled down on us," she told the publication. "If we're being shocked still, then you know the content's pretty ballsy."

The names floating around as villains before the season included Harrison, Shannon and Adam, which have all turned out to be... true.

Harrison blames Bronte's wedding guest Jess for "ruining" his wedding. 

In an interview with Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa show, Harrison called out Jessica for exposing his dating history and child on the night of his wedding. 

"I was going to wait until I was firmly in a relationship until I could chat about who I am. [But] my history and also my [son] got brought up in a really negative way," he explained. 

He continued: "I really felt like that moment of explaining my private life was ripped out from under me and done in such a negative way by this guest at our wedding.

"[She] was clearly just trying to make the day about herself and ruin our moment."

Image: Nine.


Harrison denies he was using his girlfriend outside the experiment, Abby Miller, as a "backup".

During Bronte's wedding to Harrison, one of the bride's wedding guests realised she recognised the groom. 

Jessica Tomlinson, who competed on The Bachelors right before appearing on MAFS, pulled Bronte aside to tell her that Harrison had been dating a fellow Bachie contestant for over a month. According to her, Harrison had been with his "secret girlfriend" the night before he got married.

Predictably, the fallout was... intense. 

It's since been revealed the "secret girlfriend" is The Bachelors Abby Miller. Abby previously dated Jed McIntosh on Bachie but booted her out in the first episode.


Later, the reality star told Fitzy and Wippa he didn't keep in contact with any of the women he previously dated, including The Bachelors' Abby Miller.

"A lot that came out, not a lot of that is true. It's true that I was single. It's true that I was dating but the idea of having a relationship during [or] after the show, that's not true," he said.

In an episode of So Dramatic!an insider close to Harrison denied that his and Abby's relationship was never "serious" and only dated "for a couple of weeks."


"Like many other grooms, he was enjoying single life right up until his wedding," they said. "He was seeing Abby for a couple of weeks and was very clear to her that it needed to end as he wanted to put 100 per cent into the show."

The source added, "There was no promise for weekend catch-ups, there was no contact during the show, and he was committed to finding love."

Leaked text messages show obtained by the publication show Harrison had apparently cut Abby off before he went into the MAFS experiment.

An alleged text Harrison sent Abby. Image: So Dramatic!.


Bronte already "knew" Harrison.

Despite MAFS claiming the participants are "complete strangers", it's been revealed Harrison allegedly sent Bronte a friend request on Facebook. 

While the bride left her groom pending, it suggests the pair were aware of each other before coming onto the show. 

So Dramatic also claimed Bronte had seen photos of her MAFS husband before marrying him. Jessica allegedly "sent Bronte a photo of him."

The text accompanied by the photo read, "This guy has been seeing my friend from Bachelor and he's going on MAFS too. Keep an eye out for him."

A source told the publication, "Bronte said that she didn't recognise him when he was there in person but how could you not recognise him?"

"She apparently said, 'Oh, I didn't recognise him from the photo you showed me'."

Dan is dating one of his wedding guests. 

Just one day after Dan's wedding to Sandy aired on Married At First Sight, pictures showing the groom making out with his wedding guest emerged.

The wedding guest in question is influencer Samantha Symes, who was shown during the episode multiple times. 


The pair only began reportedly dating after Dan and Sandy left the experiment, however, it looks like the recoupling was rather, er, quick.

Samantha Symes on Married At First Sight. Image: Nine.

"A freak in the sheets." Melissa was reportedly set up by producers to get the "horny older bride" edit. 

A contestant who’s caught everyone's eye this year is single mum Melissa. The 41-year-old hairdresser said in the premiere episode of Married At First Sight that she would like everyone to know she loves sex, and that became very clear throughout the remainder of her time on the show.


"Well, I look like the girl next door but um... I actually like to see myself as a little freak in the sheets," Melissa said.

Unfortunately though, Melissa has been on the receiving end of sl*t shaming online and told Mamamia men have even turned up to her workplace looking for her.


But as So Dramatic! shared recently, producers may have done Melissa dirty by pairing her up with a groom who is not overtly sexual, and had reportedly grown up quite religious. 

With this in mind, podcast host Megan Pustetto said Melissa had been purposely given "the horny older bride edit".

Mel seemed to believe this herself.

"Multiple times each day while filming, someone would ask me if Josh and I had been intimate. I was always honest and open with my response and I realised when talking to the other women on the show - who were also being asked that same question - that perhaps I was a little too open and honest," she told Mamamia.

"The 'freak in the sheets' comment came about when a producer asked me if I was 'vanilla or a freak in the sheets' in the bedroom and I replied that I was a 'freak in the sheets'! I said it, but there was context there with that very particular question that the viewers at home are not privy to. "

This story was originally published on January 30 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Channel Nine/ Instagram @thewashonline.

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