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It's been three months since MAFS 2023 ended. Here's what the cast have been up to since.

Married At First Sight season 10 was one of a kind. 

Each week, thousands of us tuned in to watch the chaos unfold between fake brides and grooms. We got cheating scandals, feuds, relationship breakdowns and a whole lot of drama.

It's been three months since we watched the final episode and a lot has happened including breakups, surprising new relationships and interstate moves.

Here's what the cast of Married At First Sight 2023 is up to now. 

Sandy Jawanda

Image: Nine/Instagram @sandyjawanda.


Since leaving the experiment, it looks like Sandy is living her best life. 

The former bride was hitched to Dan Hunjas, a digital marketing business owner from the Gold Coast. The pair didn't last after Dan admitted their "lifestyle differences" were too much for him to commit. 

Sandy regularly shares updates of her life on Instagram and in a recent post, she touched on learning and growing from her mistakes. 

"Do not let others dictate how you feel and what you should say, there may be an important lesson for others in your story," she wrote.

Harrison Boon 

Image: Nine/Instagram @harrison_boon_.


Ah, Harrison. He was easily the most controversial husband in season 10 of Married At First Sight. 

The groom kicked off the first cheating scandal of the season when it was revealed he spent the evening with a Bachelor star prior to going into the experiment. 

For him and his bride, Bronte Schofield, it was basically downhill from there. 

Three months on from MAFS, Harrison has since launched The Harrison Boon Podcast, where he has "the uncomfortable and controversial conversations needed in today's world."

The reality star added he would be "shedding light on the issues we face and trying to bring a positive message with each guest."

In April, he also hard-launched his new relationship with a woman named Gina, who he said he met "a few months" ago, according to So Dramatic.


Oliver Skelton 

Image: Nine/Instagram @skeltonollie.


Ollie and Tahnee were fan favourites as soon as they said 'I do'. 

The couple are still together and just as loved up as we could have hoped, and they now live together in Sydney after Ollie made the move from Perth. 

Earlier this month, the former groom launched a weekly podcast called Tosser, which is short for The Ollie Skelton Show Everyone Rates.

"It feels like a bit of a rite of passage going on reality TV and starting a podcast," he said about the new project. "I've always felt on the outside looking into the influencey pop culture space, and now that I am here it's exactly what I thought it would be, weird!

"I just want the listener to come and feel like they are in the room, in on the joke and build a community from that."

Bronte Schofield 

Image: Nine/TikTok @_bronteschofield.


Since leaving MAFS, the reality star has launched an adult subscription service on OnlyFans. She's the only bride from season 10 to do so... so far! Bronte shared on Instagram she profited $100,000 within her first three days on the site.

The former beauty educator was previously married to this year's 'villain' Harrison Boon. 

Melinda Willis 

Image: Nine/Instagram @melindarichelle.


Melinda was one of the very few participants to walk away from Married At First Sight with love. 

Paired with Layton Mills from New South Wales, the bride and groom chose to stay together at the end of Final Vows. Three months on, the Brisbane-based reality star admitted the pair are struggling with long-distance. 

"It can be hard sometimes, especially if we fight and we aren't there to hug the other after," she said earlier in June, during an Instagram Q&A.

"We can then go a few days feeling disconnected."

However, earlier this month, Melinda hinted the pair might be moving in together. 

Speaking on the Back To Reality podcast, host Taku Chimwaza asked the former bride if there were talks about Layton moving to Brisbane. 

"There is... within a month," she said. "He's apparently packing up shop now, looking at doing all that and then moving, so."


Joshua White 

Image: Nine/Instagram @whitej1.

Joshua didn't find love on MAFS, but he did learn a valuable lesson. In his words: "I want to be liked for me and not because I have a penis."

Since leaving the show, the former groom has pretty much just gotten back to living a normal life. 


"Life hasn’t changed much since the show finished," Josh told The Tab. "I went back to work and got on with life."

"I still go to the same places and do the same things," he continued. "I’ve only been recognised twice at my gym."

Caitlin McConville

Image: Nine/Instagram @caitlinmcconville.

Caitlin didn't get a happily ever after in season 10, but she did find it outside of the experiment. 

The makeup artist, who works for fellow bride Melinda, shared she has since moved on with her life after being tied to her husband Shannon. 


"I have a partner!" she told Nine. "It's very new, so it's only been a couple of months since we've made it sort of like, exclusive and 'seeing each other'.

"He treats me in a way I've never been treated before. It's really nice – it is really different to be with somebody who treats me the way he does."

Image: Nine.


Melissa Sheppard 

Image: Nine/Instagram @mel_sheppard1.

Mel didn't have the best experience following her stint on Married At First Sight, telling Mamamia she was subjected to online abuse that "spilled" into her real life as well. 

She says it came down to the "freak in the sheets" edit that played out.

"The MAFS team knew who I was and what I wanted in a relationship, and also that I didn't want to be anyone but myself. Yes I am confident, and I am a huge advocate for women and men owning their sexuality. 


"But I am also many other things: I am a daughter, a mother, and a friend. And my relationship with Josh was so much more than what the audience sees."

Mel seems to be in better spirits three months on. In a recent interview, she was asked if she would ever pursue creating adult content online. 

While she hasn't committed to making an OnlyFans (despite numerous requests), the former bride told Yahoo Lifestyle she's planning on sharing "racy" content in the future. 

"To all my followers, I am so apologetic but no, you will not be seeing me on OnlyFans," she said. "Anybody that does that, my hat goes off to them, and hand on heart, you do whatever floats your boat. But for myself personally, you won't be seeing me on that kind of platform."

Evelyn Ellis

Image: Nine/Instagram @evelyn.ellis.


Evelyn may have been an intruder on season 10 of Married At First Sight, but she was easily one of the most memorable from the entire cast. 

The former bride was matched up with Rupert and while the pair made it to final vows,  they both decided to end their relationship. 

"I think our communication [style] is a lot different. It was just one of those things. Evelyn sometimes gets a little bit angry, and I'm just more chilled and a bit blasé," Rupert told Nine

Evelyn said they didn't believe they could make it work outside of the experiment. 

Rupert and Evelyn ended their relationship during Final Vows. Image: Nine.


"I think our relationship wasn't strong enough to handle an argument," she said. "I feel like in those situations, it either brings you closer or further apart. Unfortunately, it was further apart for us."

Not to worry though, as Evelyn has happily moved on with... MAFS groom Duncan James. 

"We started hanging out a little bit after the show," Duncan told Nine in April. "Everyone's sort of friends in the cast, and obviously me and you living in Sydney we probably hung out a little bit more. 


"All of a sudden we went out on a couple of nights, and some of the warm fuzzy feelings happened in my stomach and I thought, 'What's this? How we going here?'

The groom added they asked for Rupert's blessing. 

"Obviously [we] gave Rupert a call as well, and got the blessing from Rupert! He was very supportive as well," he explained. 

The pair are still going strong and in June, Evelyn made her presenting debut on Channel Nine’s long-running travel show Getaway.


The reality star took viewers on a tour around Sydney exploring some of her favourite locations.

According to reports, the episode ended up attracting a total of 312,000 viewers... the largest audience the show has received in over a month.

Evelyn has become the season 10 breakout star, landing the gig less than three months after this year’s season of MAFS finished airing on TV.

Feature Image: Instagram + Mamamia.

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