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The cast of MAFS 2023, one year on.

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Another season of Married At First Sight is about to begin, with the show's 11th season kicking off on January 29.

But before we meet a dozen or so new faux-married couples, how about a walk down memory lane?

Last year's season 10 gave us many dramatic moments, people to root behind (and villains to root against), and even a genuinely wholesome couple at the end.

It's been a year since we met them, so, what have the cast of Married At First Sight season 10 been up to since? We found out.

Lyndall Grace.

Following MAFS, Lyndall had a brief fling with co-star Josh White.

"It was after reunion, we'd just finished filming and I think there was 11 or 12 of us that went out for dinner after publicity. We just went to a club and got really drunk, and there was a nice man who showed me some affection for the first time in months and I got a little bit carried away," she told the Back to Reality podcast in August 2023.

But that's old news: she is now dating Jordan Litchfield, who she told Punkee she met on Tinder.

Lyndall still lives in Perth and also regularly shares content aiming to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis.

Cameron Woods.

Cam still works remotely throughout the Northern Territory and has been dating his partner Cheyanne Day since MAFS aired last year.


In late December, he shared that he and Cheyanne plan to spend the next 12 months travelling Australia in a van.

Bronte Schofield.

In October, Bronte announced she was starting her own swimwear brand with her friend Lauren. The brand is named Lolè and will launch in January 2024.

She also joined OnlyFans in June, after which she said earned her $100,000 in just the first three days.

Harrison Boon.


Season villain Harrison has followed one of the most well-trodden reality TV star paths: becoming a podcast host, launching the creatively titled 'Harrison Boon podcast' in May 2023.

He has also been dating girlfriend Gina Ha since at least March 2023. They made their first public appearance after the ending of his on-screen marriage to Bronte aired.

On socials, Harrison described Gina as his "diamond".

Sandy Jawanda.

Since MAFS, Sandy has continued to work as an oral health therapist, managing director and co-owner of her dental clinic in Melbourne.

Dan Hunjas.

Dan has continued to work as the founder of Edge Marketing.

He also launched a tequila bar named Nacho Baby in September, however in December the bar announced it would be closed until further notice.

We're sure he's still swimming at the beach, climbing mountains and spending 20 hours in the gym each day too.

Claire Nomarhas.


Claire is in a relationship with My Kitchen Rules star Patrick Calleja, who is also the brother of The Block 2022 star Tom Calleja.

They had dated prior to her time on the show, but reconnected about halfway through the series airing on TV.

They now live together, with Claire's dog Ralph, in Melbourne.

Jesse Burford.

Jesse still works as a marriage celebrant in Perth, and said that his time as a villain-turned-fan-favourite significantly increased the inquiries he had received.

In December 2023, Jesse announced he was leaving social media after realising it was not a healthy environment for him.

"I'm focussing instead on getting better, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually," he said.

Tahnee Cook.

Tahnee launched her podcast, Chuffed with Tahnee Cook, last year.


She is also single after breaking up with her MAFS partner Ollie Skelton in December.

Ollie Skelton.

Ollie also hosts a podcast called Tosser, where he speaks to various media personalities including fellow reality stars.

Of his and Tahnee's breakup, he said: "I kinda have this pipe dream of us being like Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld post-breakup, a very hard thing to do obviously, but the sentiment at its core is that I plan to try to be someone who champions Tahnee and can be there for her as a friend.

"In a post like this, the words 'friend' and 'breakup' are usually synonymous but with little truth behind them. However, if friendship was the foundation of us before love, I like to think it might be something we can share in the aftermath."


Janelle Han.

Janelle was done pretty dirty on MAFS, as her matched partner Adam Seed cheated on her on the show. But off-screen, she's continued to thrive as a makeup content creator (with 22.7 million TikTok likes!)

She also moved from her hometown of Perth to Sydney after the show.

Adam Seed.

Adam is rather mysterious, going months between social media posts.

After seven months off Instagram, he shared a shirtless selfie in December. And that is quite literally the only update we have.

Caitlin McConville.


After MAFS, Caitlin began working at co-star Melinda's beauty salon in Brisbane as a lash and brow technician.

In September, Caitlin left that job to move to the Gold Coast and follow her dreams in makeup artistry.

She marked her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Kobe in January 2024.

Shannon Adams.

In October, Shannon announced the arrival of his second child with his ex-partner Jamea Drake by sharing a photo of himself holding his newborn daughter on Instagram.

He and Jamea also share another daughter.

Shannon had a tumultuous time on the show, mostly of his own doing after he confessed to still being in love with his ex. 

However, according to Jamea's social media, as seen by the Daily Mail, they are not currently together.

Alyssa Barmonde.

Alyssa has been a really vocal supporter of a lot of reforms in the reality TV world, including more mental health support for cast members and disclaimers at the beginning and end of episodes that acknowledge that what is shown has been edited.


She is also still a baker, showing her incredible cakes and other sweet treats on her @alyssabakescakes account. Do not scroll that feed if you are hungry!

Duncan James.

Following MAFS, Duncan got together with cast mate Evelyn — and they're still going strong. In fact, they're the only remaining couple from the season... and they weren't even a couple until after it finished.

They moved in together in August and have shared moments from their relationship ever since, including their Halloween costumes as... each other, family photos with their dogs, and their first Christmas together.

Melissa Sheppard.

As MAFS aired, Melissa spoke to Mamamia about how two strangers turned up to her workplace looking for the 'freak in the sheets', referencing her edit on the series. After the season ended, she also told Mamamia she felt scared to date following her time on the series.

Melissa still works as a hairstylist in Sydney. She's also a bit of a wine connoisseur, with level one and two Wine & Spirit Education Trust awards in wine.

Josh White.


While Josh and Melissa's on-screen marriage did not work out (nor did his brief romance with Lyndall), Josh is now in a relationship with a woman named Kylie.

They hard launched on social media in October and seem very happy.

"I may not have started 2023 with you but I feel extremely lucky to be ending it with you by my side," Kylie wrote in an Instagram post on New Year's Eve.

Melinda Willis.

In October 2023, Melinda and her on-screen partner Layton announced they had broken up weeks after their first anniversary.

"After a lot of thought and consideration, we have sadly decided to both take time apart," they wrote.


"We still care very deeply for each other and this doesn't mean our lives can't come back together, but as of now, we think this decision is for the best."

In November, Melinda shared that she was moving into a new apartment – and had stayed in her previous one for so long because Layton was supposed to move in too.

"Our move in was called off mutually just 10 days before he was meant to officially move in," she wrote in an Instagram Story.

She's also still a boss, of course, running her beauty business.

Layton Mills.


Following his split from Melinda in October, Layton has begun to share his artwork on Instagram, including his entry for the 2024 Sulman Art Prize.

The CEO and founder is still working for his animal therapeutics company CannPal too.

Tayla Winter.

After MAFS, Tayla returned to Tasmania where she continues to work as a nurse.

She did find herself embroiled in a bit of drama late last year, however, when season nine bride Olivia Frazer claimed Tayla had hooked up with her ex, Jackson Lonie. Tayla denied this and shared screenshots of her long response to Olivia's claim.

Within the message, Tayla said she wanted to keep her personal life "extremely private", so any info about who she really is dating is likely kept under wraps.

Hugo Armstrong.

Hugo, who was faux-married to Tayla, did not have the best Married At First Sight experience.

And his feelings on the matter seem clear due to the fact that he has not even posted on his public Instagram account since the reunion finale aired. 

We kind of love that (lack of) energy from him.

Evelyn Ellis.


Besides now dating Duncan, Evelyn has had a really good year post-MAFS.

She's continued her modelling (sometimes *with* Duncan), gained a large TikTok following and pursued other entertainment opportunities, including as a host on an episode of Getaway.

Rupert Bugden.

And finally, Rupert.

He seems to be living his best life, based on his social media, regularly posting pics with friends and more importantly, dogs. 

Feature image: Instagram @duncan_james/@skeltonollie.