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The wardrobe malfunction, plus all the other editing fails on MAFS 2021 so far.

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We're finally at the tail-end of MAFS but over the last few weeks (even though it's honestly felt like months) we've noticed something... peculiar. 

Amongst the cheating rumours and all the Bryce-related drama, there have been some not-so-subtle editing fails popping up on the show.

And even in its eighth season, the show has seriously underestimated viewers' ability to spot them. 

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Video via Channel Nine.

From a rogue Bachelorette contestant to a matching mishap, here are all the editing fails fans have spotted on this season of MAFS... so far.

The wardrobe malfunction. 

There have been a few wardrobe malfunctions on this season of Married At First Sight. Just last week Alana Lister was pictured with her denim jacket off, only for it to be on in the very next shot. Now fans are getting a little bit sceptical about what else is being cut.

The editing mishap was picked up by Instagram account @mafsfunny, right as Alana and Melissa Rawson were settling in for a chat at the group pizza party.

"It also goes from Belinda sitting next to them to Patrick," a commenter pointed out.

"I noticed in one of the episodes Bec went from having a cider, champagne then savvy b within the one scene. Now, maybe she can drink 3 different drinks in the space of 5 to 10 minutes, but that'd be pretty legendary," another said. 

We suppose we can't expect the drama and seamless editing, can we? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The experts don't watch the dinner parties... live. 

Well, this has officially changed the way we watch MAFS dinner parties forever. 

An editing fail noticed by The Wash seems to confirm that the experts don't actually watch the dinner parties live and simply watch the footage later instead. 

At every dinner party, we watch as the experts give their 'commentary' while the drama unfolds in the dining room. 

But if you look closely, you'll notice that throughout the episode we're shown clips of contestants in what appears to be the very same room.

For example, you'll notice the same bookshelf and plants that are behind the experts also appear behind Sam when he did his piece-to-camera. (Remember Sam?) 

Image: Nine. 

Image: Nine.

While it's possible it could just be an identical bookshelf, it does seem to destroy the illusion that experts are watching the dinner parties right as they happen. 


The rogue Bachelorette contestant. 

It's not surprising to see reality TV contestants appear on different shows. But seeing a former Bachelorette contestant on MAFS is certainly a new one. 

Alas, that's exactly what happened to Scot Fuller who noticed a photo of himself amongst other MAFS contestants, despite the fact that he applied to go on the show three years ago. 

Image: Nine. 

According to Scot, who appeared on Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette in 2019, it's not the first time MAFS has mistakenly used his photo. 

"I applied for both [MAFS and The Bachelorette] for s**ts and giggles back in 2018, but definitely not for this season," Scot told the Daily Mail.

"It's been two seasons. I don't get why they still have my photo."

"I won't ever do another 'love' reality tv show," he added.

The editing fail was actually pointed out by Bachelor contestant Jessica Brody who shared Scot's cameo on Instagram. 


"Hang on. I'm watching last night's episode of MAFS. Wasn't that guy on my season of Bachelor in Paradise?" she asked her followers.

"Isn't that Scot? Like am I f**king losing my mind?"

Image: [email protected]_fuller_  

The experts don't really choose the couples.

Speaking of the contestants, it looks like the experts don't actually choose who gets partnered up on the show.

According to The Wash, a viewer spotted an editing fail that suggests couples are paired together before we see the experts match them on the show. 

In the photos shared on their Instagram page, the viewer noticed that the outfit the contestants wore in their individual photos to be matched were the same as the ones they wore to the dinner party.

For example, contestant Belinda Vickers is wearing the same purple dress in both episodes. 

The same photos were also used in the completely unnecessary 'hotness ranking' activity last week. 


The editing fail that ruined the cheating scandal. 

Yep, the producers basically ruined this season's cheating scandal in the very first week of the show. 

In case you missed it, one of the show's early episodes featured an opening montage scene where a contestant is heard saying "I wish that the experts matched us".

We then see a blurry shot of two people sitting on the couch who are out of focus, before it cuts to a very clear shot of a man with a tribal tattoo on his arm. 

Fans quickly pointed out that the mystery man must be Cam (thanks to the obvious tribal tattoo) and the woman is likely to be Coco (thanks to the brown hair, which effectively eliminated most of the other contestants). 

Image: Nine. 

Married At First Sight continues Monday at 7:00pm on Channel Nine. 

This article was originally published on March 8, 2021, and was updated on April 5, 2021.

Feature Image: Nine/Mamamia.