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"I can’t look away." Australia reacts to 2020's first trainwreck MAFS dinner party.

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It’s the moment we’ve literally all been waiting for. The dinner parties. 10 couples have married, they’ve had their honeymoons and the sanctity of marriage means slightly less than it did a few weeks ago.

While no wine glasses were thrown and smashed, the drama was in full force… thanks in part to the copious amount of alcohol consumed.

Some relationships have already faltered *cough* Amanda and Tash and Hayley and David *cough* while others have remained strong.

Also, can someone please check up on Vanessa and Chris? We literally didn’t hear a peep from them this episode and we just want to know that they’re okay.

Here are the best reactions to the very first (of many) MAFS dinner parties.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Exactly what goes down behind the scenes (not really). Post continues below.

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