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A lone groom & a flirty bride: All the wild drama going down at tonight's MAFS dinner party.

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Okay so, we’ve finally made it through the 1000 Married At First Sight weddings and now it’s time for the good part: The dinner parties.

The show’s infamous dinner parties are objectively the greatest part of this garbage fire, because drama.

FYI, this is what craziness you can expect. Post continues below video.

Video via Nine

Dinner parties on past season’s have given us iconic moments such as that time Martha poured her drink on Cyrell and Cyrell nearly murdered her for it.

So yes, we’re a little bit excited. Especially because we have seen some of the madness that’s about to go down and it all looks very juicy, thank you:

David arrives alone.

Image: Nine.

David and his fake wife Hayley are having such a bad time they turn up to the dinner party separately.

David arrives alone, shocking the experts but precisely no one else, and begins drinking a beer on his own. Without his fake wedding ring.

At some point Hayley does turn up though, and at one point flicks a piece of paper at Ivan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tash almost didn't turn up.

A 'production insider' - who is probably expert Trish - told Woman's Day Tash threatened to leave the 'experiment' after refusing to attend the first dinner party.

Image: Giphy.

"She told producers she wanted to walk," Trish the source said. "She was very overwhelmed by the whole thing – she expected things to be different and didn't want to have to justify her feelings to the other participants round the dinner table."

Tash reportedly spends the night trying to dodge the camera except for when...

Tash flirts with Natasha.

We are... shocked (not really).

mafs dinner party
Image: Nine.

It looks like when Tash does finally turn up to the dinner party, she's pretty keen to avoid fake wife Amanda... and angers her by blatantly flirting with other women around the table.

She sits on Hayley's lap, and is shown in the episode's promo telling Natasha, who is fake married to Mikey: "You're authentic, you know, you're authentic" before they get rather close.

mafs dinner party
Image: Nine.

Meanwhile, Amanda's watching on and in a piece to camera says "If this means nothing to you," showing her (fake) wedding ring, "See ya later."

And this is bound to be only the beginning.

Bring. It. On.


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