The influencer wedding that cost $89 million.

I don’t know what side of TikTok you’re on but I’m currently on Madelaine Brockway TikTok, and I can’t seem to look away. She recently tied the knot in what is being hailed as the ‘wedding of the century’.

The five-day celebration, which was held in Paris, France, had an intimate Maroon 5 concert, a rehearsal dinner at the Paris Opera House, an overnight stay at the Palace of Versailles and a private lunch at the Chanel Haute Couture Suite.

Pretty sure the florals cost over a mill alone. Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The couple also flew their guests out on a private jet and paid for their luxury accommodation — right after Brockway held a four-day bachelorette party at the Amangiri Resort in Utah with her closest friends.

I think my invite got lost in the mail. Image: Instagram @gregfinck.


A destination bachelorette party isn’t out of the ordinary, however, nothing about this four-day celebration was ‘normal’. 

To help put it into perspective, the cheapest suite at the Amangiri Resort goes for AUD $5,300 a night, making it one of the world’s most expensive hotels.

Brockway and her guests would have stayed in the most premium suite, which goes for around AUD $11,000 a night. Times that by four, and the bill comes to AUD $44,000 just for the accommodation alone.

Each night of the bachelorette party featured a different theme, and on one of the days, the 26-year-old dressed up as Marie Antoinette which is… fitting.

It's giving 'let them eat cake!' Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.


Of course, TikTok sleuths just had to know how much the entire event cost, and after tallying the price of florals, venues, accommodation and everything else, it's estimated that the wedding set the couple (or their families) back by AUD $89 million.

No, that is not a typo. 

But don’t worry, the pair did get some of that money back through their gift registry, with the most expensive option costing AUD $18,000.

Atleast delivery is free!


Who is Madelaine Brockway?

The question on everyone’s lips is: Who is this influencer and how does she have SO much money!? 

In a world where so many are living paycheck to paycheck, seeing someone blow close to $100 mil on a wedding makes us feel like we’re living in a dystopian universe.

This was just the WELCOME dinner. Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.


Originally from Miami, Florida, but now living in Fort Worth, Texas, Madelaine Brockway is the daughter of car dealership owner Robert “Bob” Brockway.

Of course, this is no ordinary car dealership, it’s Ussery Automotive Group, a multi-million-dollar company that oversees a series of Mercedes-Benz showrooms.

Brockway first started dating her now-husband and Nashville native Jacob LaGrone in 2020, and while not much is known about him, according to his LinkedIn profile, he worked for the Country Music Association as a talent coordinator in 2013 and 2014, before serving as a production assistant for country singer Jason Aldean in 2018.

The bride and groom. Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.


His current occupation remains unknown, buuuut people on X did discover that he was arrested earlier in 2023 on charges of aggravated assault against a public service official.

Yikes. Image: X @tonedandthin.


Setting aside the over-the-top wedding, people on TikTok are particularly interested in the couple because they just appeared out of … nowhere.

Before the wedding, Brockway had little social media presence and barely anyone knew her name. 


Clearly eager to show off her wedding festivities (can’t blame her, to be honest), Brockway created a TikTok account, and next thing you know, her wedding began to dominate everyone’s FYP.

How are people responding to Madelaine Brockway's wedding on the internet?

Like pretty much anything that goes viral on social media, the response has been a mixed bag. 

There are those who can’t look away because they’re in awe. 

Then there are others who can’t look away because they believe it’s a disgusting display of wealth.

Image: X @c0liy4h.


“It is absolutely insane how some humans experience life like this and others have to fight for basic resources,” said one user on X.

Image: X @TheCleoPanda.


Someone on TikTok pointed out the irony of her dressing up as Marie Antoinette, saying, “‘Off with her head’ [said] the people of France during Marie Antoinette’s public executing for flaunting her wealth during times of scarcity.”

Although there were people on the other end of the spectrum who loved the escapism that came with Brockway’s wedding, commenting: “Omg this is what my dreams are made of.”

While not much is known about Brockway, her family or her husband, what we do know is that she can definitely throw a wedding — but maybe if we had a spare $89 million lying around, we’d be able to pull it off too.

Feature image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.

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