A lie detector test just blew everything up on Love Island.

Love Island‘s Eden has emerged in recent weeks as a controversial figure.

His aggression and bullying tactics have made many viewers uncomfortable, as he’s yelled viciously at Tayla, destroyed Jaxon’s relationship with Shelby, and told Millie’s partner Mark about her sexual history.

Oh, then there’s the fact that he actually might already have a girlfriend on the outside. Cool.

Perhaps that’s why none of us minded at all when he was caught in a very awkward scenario during a lie detector test on Tuesday night.

In a completely unnecessary game (… aren’t they all?), Eden found himself being asked a number of sensitive questions.

First, he was asked: ‘Have you ever lied to Erin?’, and in a twist that shocked us all, he answered no, and was telling the truth.

Was this on purpose or no?
We don't... believe you.

Then, he was asked whether he thinks he and Erin will win Love Island, which is a silly question, because obviously he does. No one has ever been so sure of anything, ever.

Things started to get uncomfortable, however, when he was presented with the question: 'Are you prepared to only have sex with Erin for the rest of your life?'

While he answered yes (something about the angry screams of a woman nearby told him that was the correct response), the lie detector determined he was lying.





But the part that blew up the entire villa was Eden's final question: 'Do you find Millie attractive?'

Watch the awkward exchange below. Post continues after video.

Now, for context, when Eden recently 'playfully' picked Millie up, Erin yelled across the room, "EDEN YOU CAN GET ABSOLUTELY F*CKED YOU F*CKING IDIOT."

She... doesn't like it... when Eden interacts with other women, let alone finds them attractive. Just FYI.

The question alone made Erin gasp, and then Eden, for reasons no one will ever understand, answered yes, and the lie detector found he was telling the truth.

Oh... no.

"WHAT. WHAT WAS THAT. DID HE SAY YES TO MILLIE?" she yelled, even though it's likely she would have been able to hear better had she not been... yelling.

"DO NOT COME DOWN THESE F*CKING STAIRS," she screamed, before muttering, "Don't f*cking look this way Millie."

She then stormed out of the villa to, and I quote, "grab a knife, and stab him".

Tayla put it best when she simply looked at the camera and said, "If that's the type of toxic relationship youse want, go for it, but that's not normal".