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Love Island's Millie had a less-than-pleasant experience with Eden before the show even began.

Now that she’s off Love Island, Millie Fuller is not holding anything back.

Speaking to Mamamia, the 24-year-old former islander revealed she’s not a fan of couple Eden Dally and Erin Barnett.

“I definitely think Erin and Eden have been fake. They’re all about the ego,” she said.

Millie claimed she was onto their games early on in the competition, and they proved her suspicions about them to be true during one of the recent eliminations.

“I was waiting for Erin and Eden to slip up, which they did the night that Mac and Teddy left,” she explained.

“It just proved that they were voting for couples who were stronger so they didn’t have as much competition.”

Ultimately, Millie believes both Eden and Erin, 23, are there to win the game rather than to find love.

“I think they put on a really good performance, so I don’t blame people if they see Erin and Eden as legit, and someone that deserves to win Love Island,” she explained.

“But having been in the house, I’ve seen a lot more than people on the outside world might have seen, and I think their main focus is winning Love Island rather than walking out hand-in-hand.”

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Even though she didn’t get along with the couple, a lie detector test proved Eden, 25, actually found Millie to be attractive.

Clearly amused by the revelation, Millie said she found the whole exercise “funny”.

“What Eden thinks about me, I couldn’t care less,” she said.

“I honestly couldn’t care if he thought I looked like a big toe with a fungal infection and was repulsed by me, or if he thought I was a Next Top Model. I couldn’t care less. But I thought it was funny that Eden found me attractive, and [Erin] was so offended by that.”

And while Eden may be attracted to her, Millie said the feeling definitely isn’t mutual.

“I know Eden’s a good-looking person, but his personality is really unattractive. His ego is constantly needing to be stroked,” she added.

There’s also a bit of history between the pair.

It turns out Eden used to date Millie’s best friend in real life, Ziggy.

“The fact that my best friend has slept with him, I’m not going near him. I’m not having my best friend’s sloppy seconds. I’ll leave that to Erin,” she said.


Millie said she had no idea Eden would be on the show until she saw him on Love Island, and she doesn’t exactly have fond memories of him from the outside world.

“When I saw Eden walk in, I was like, ‘Oh my God! F***boy!'” she said.

“My best friend had a very casual relationship with him, but she told me he had the personality of a pot plant, so she didn’t really want much to do with him either. My best friend is a very intelligent, bright, funny, goofy kind of girl, and Eden wasn’t really intelligent enough for her, and didn’t really have that banter for her.

“As soon as he came in, I had that set opinion of him. He wasn’t that big of a deal. Looks aren’t everything. And his personality was really ugly.”

He wasn’t the only guy Millie had a connection with, either.

“I was really shocked when I saw Charlie [Taylor], because I used to date him on the outside world,” she said.

Millie said she and Charlie, 22, went on three dates before things just “fizzled out”.

But she did briefly consider giving him another chance.

“I had my mind made up on two of the guys already. I was willing to give Charlie another chance, but I thought there’s no point in flogging a dead horse. And my friend said Eden’s personality was absolutely rubbish, and she was right, so I wasn’t interested in the slightest,” she added.

She said Eden’s reputation as the show’s resident bully speaks volumes about who he is as a person.

“I think Eden is very egotistical, and deep down, is actually threatened by guys that are smarter than him, which is nearly every guy in the world to be honest, because he’s not the brightest,” she said.


“I think when he finds anyone who is a threat to his weaknesses – which is intelligence and when someone’s funny – he doesn’t appreciate it. Maybe he just doesn’t get it.”

Millie continued, saying Eden “needs to take a hard look at himself” when he leaves Love Island.

“Eden has behaviour that I wouldn’t condone,” she added.

“Maybe that’s something he can take out of Love Island – that people around Australia don’t accept the behaviour he has shown.”

And it’s not just Eden she takes issue with – Millie said Erin was almost as bad.

“I think Erin has deep-down insecurities,” she said.

“Erin has openly said that she doesn’t like me, and she said yesterday that she didn’t like Amelia [Marni] either.

“I think with girls like me and Amelia, we’re natural looking and we don’t have a fake personality. We’re fun girls that can find fun in anything, and we don’t buy into the high school bull crap of popularity.

“I think she’s threatened by the fact that I can be happy in my own skin. She’s got fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake boobs, and I’m quite natural, and my personality is not fake at all. I think she’s threatened by someone who is completely opposite to her.”

She said Erin tried to bully her too, but to no avail.

“Her way of getting popularity or anything else is by making people feel scared of her, and I think the fact that I wasn’t scared of her really intimidated her, too,” she added.