Farrah Abraham reveals she has removed her lip fillers, three days after Kylie Jenner.

It didn’t take long for Kylie Jenner to set a new trend for embracing natural-looking lips, with Farrah Abraham revealing that she too has had her filler removed.

Posting to her Instagram this morning, the Teen Mom star documented part of the filler-removal procedure, saying “we are taking out some of that injectable stuff”.

Her dermatologist, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, explained the process to Abraham’s Instagram followers, giving us an insight into what exactly is involved when deflating lips.

“When it initially goes in it does make the lip look bigger, because obviously I just put a bunch of fluid in there,” Dr. Nazarian shared. “Then over the next couple of days her lip is really going to deflate and go down which is exactly what we want. We will put in the proper filler, so the filler doesn’t suck in too much water and stays exactly where we want it to stay.”

lip filler removal
Dr. Sheila Nazarian explained the process to Abraham's Instagram followers. Image via Instagram.
lip filler removal
"We are taking out some of that injectable stuff" said the Teen Mom star. Image via Instagram.
lip filler removal
"When it initially goes in it does make the lip look bigger" said Dr. Nazarian. Image via Instagram.

The revelation comes just three days after Kylie Jenner removed her lip filler, but the Instagram caption of Abraham's video says the procedure actually occurred last month.

We imagine the process outlined by Dr. Nazarian was similar to what Jenner has done, who revealed she had removed the filler when a fan commented on a post of the mum-of-one's Instagram saying she looked like "the old Kylie". Jenner responded to the comment saying, "I got rid of all my filler".

lip filler removal
Kylie Jenner revealed she removed all her filler. Images via Instagram.

A couple of weeks ago the founder of Kylie Cosmetics revealed that her daughter, Stormi Webster, "has the most perfect lips in the entire world, [but] she didn't get those from me".

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