Farrah Abraham's latest parenting choice has many furious.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has raised eyebrows (again) for her parenting style.

After being criticised for allowing her seven year old daughter Sophia to pose “provocatively” in a bikini and full makeup for a photoshoot earlier this year, Abraham has revealed it’s not the only occasion her child wears cosmetics.

The 25 year old says she fought Sophia’s school principal to allow her to wear makeup to primary school.

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“You know when your kids are like five or six years old and they start playing with makeup and I was the only mother in freakin’ elementary school getting called in about makeup on her daughter,” she told the Allegedly podcast.


“So I said to them – and I proved my point because now the principal has switched schools – ‘Well you should take off your makeup. If you don’t want little girls coming into school wearing makeup, then don’t wear makeup.

“You know what, ever since whenever I’ve seen that principal she hasn’t had makeup on her face,” she said.


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Unsurprisingly, the outrage was almost immediate.

“It’s called a dress code – how someone is able to show up to school – every school has it and you don’t argue with an ADULT about what a six year old is able to wear on her face – this is NOT age appropriate,” wrote one listener in response.


“Seven year olds DO NOT wear make up to school… Let her be a kid for crying out loud,” wrote another.

However Abraham, who first appeared in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2008, says she doesn’t see the big issue.

“Don’t ever criticise a parent for [encouraging] discovery and imagination of someone who is little. Honestly, forget makeup, I have bigger sh*t to deal with in my family,” she continued.

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“When my daughter is worrying about death and her daddy [her father died one month before she was born], I have bigger sh*t to deal with than makeup on someone’s face. So I feel like if someone wants to call me and blame me for the whole [school] body wearing makeup, then cool, I’m the parent to call in because I will deal with it.

“Every child experiments with makeup.”


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Abraham previously admitted on talk show Bethenny that she waxes Sophia’s eyebrows while she’s asleep.

The criticism about her decision to allow Sophia to wear makeup, as well as the general appearance of both mum and daughter, gets worse on social media.

Trolls and abusive comments dominate both Farrah’s Instagram account as well as the one set up for the seven year old, to promote her boutique store, Sophia Laurent. Most are too offensive to repeat here.

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Many focus on the 25 year old’s history of plastic surgery which includes chin implants, lip fillers and a breast augmentation.

It’s a habit she says she’s slowed down on recently.

“I’ve taken a chin implant out, I’ve dialled down with the injections because I thought there was too much. It’s a lot… plastic surgery turns out to be more than you bargained for,” she told the podcast.


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“I’m not addicted to anything. I kind of like let it all go. The only thing I had to get fixed were breasts because I was getting serious scarring it felt like I was having heart attacks many nights in a row so I had to change up my regimen.

Abraham is also not the first celebrity mum to cop flack for her daughter’s experimentation of makeup.

The trolls came out for Kim Kardashian last year when she revealed toddler North West loved playing with cosmetics so much she had her own little bag. (Post continues after gallery.)

While some may disagree with the lack of age restriction on makeup, Abraham is adamant that she will not tell Sophia about her 2013 sex tape until she’s older.

“I’m sure she may have heard about that [but] there’s just timeliness of age and what’s appropriate,” she said.

Image: Instagram/@farrahabraham.