Just 9 questions we have about Netflix's very complicated Christmas movie, Let It Snow.

It’s still November, but I caved.

I couldn’t wait any longer because Christmas is THE BEST, so I put up my Christmas tree and settled in for one of my favourite Christmas past times: watching an objectively bad, but yet somehow still good, festive Netflix original.

Lucky the streaming service had just released Let It Snow, which I think can best be described as Kmart Love Actually.

Check out the Let It Snow trailer below. It’s a real treat. Post continues below video.

Video via Netflix

Let It Snow follows the stories of multiple teenagers in a small American town on Christmas Eve. They each go through some stuff, like falling in love with a pop star, wondering if their boyfriend is cheating on them, and realising they’re actually totally into their best friend.

It’s basically every trope from previous coming-of-age movies but with snow and a banger new Christmas song (I can’t belieeeve that it’s the first Christmas that I loved yooooooou).

The cast is good but… large. Two characters look exactly the same. Most recognisable are Joan Cusack, Kiernan Shipka, a.k.a Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Isabela Moner, a.k.a live-action Dora the Explorer. There’s also a cameo from Janet from The Good Place and she’s… Bad Janet. Really Bad Janet.

Now, Let It Snow was pleasant. I enjoyed it. But I was also left confused, and concerned for the welfare of a piglet. As the credits played and that First Christmas song played again I realised I had questions. Many questions. Let me present:

1. Why was Joan Cusack there, and more importantly, why was she wearing tinfoil?

‘Tin foil lady’ was referred to as a town mystery, so naturally I thought ‘Oh cool, we’ll find out why she’s dressed like that, it’ll probably represent some past trauma and she’ll either be accepted by the town as she is or learn she doesn’t need to hide behind the tin foil any longer. It’ll be really touching and important’.


But nah, there was no explanation. None. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. What’s up with the piglet?

let it snow movie
A cute but impractical makeup gift. Image: Netflix.

Do we... know why one friend got another friend a pig as an apology? Are we just going to pretend like that's a normal thing to do? Does said friend have the means to care for a pig? I'm guessing no, based on the fact they didn't worry about leaving a piglet to run around a party full of drunken teenagers.

I'm really worried about the pig, you guys.

3. How is one keg of beer enough for a whole party?

It's not, end of story.

4. The random musical number: Just... why?

Love Actually's musical number(s) made sense, because Billy was a washed up pop star with a terrible yet amazing Christmas song, but when Let It Snow's Tobin and The Duke break out into song in a church???


It was:

a. out of the blue,

b. uncomfortably long and

c. absolutely not necessary to move along the plot of the film.

5. Why did Julie's mum's Christmas rely on a rare elf figurine?

There was a total lack of explanation about Julie's very niche, probably-not-worth-the-stress Christmas predicament.

6. What was with that nativity scene?

Kudos to the town for embracing multiple cultures and faiths in its woke nativity play, but... how likely is it that this show would be at capacity, filled mainly with millennials and Gen Xs, in the middle of the day, in small rural America? Not very likely, me thinks.

7. Why does no one wear seatbelts?

let it snow movie

Considering the 22 high speed chases and car crashes that happen in this film (maybe I'm overestimating idk), you'd think they'd realise the importance of seatbelts.

8. Why do three teenagers run a waffle restaurant?

Now sure, it's Christmas Eve. Maybe the adults are taking the holiday period off... But they've left three teenagers to run an entire restaurant, and the one in charge is cool with them throwing a major party inside, breaking... many laws.

At least the sign gets fixed in the end, I guess.

9. How did a group of underage teenagers throw a party at a restaurant without any adults finding out?

let it snow movie
Lit, but illegal. Image: Netflix.


Overall, Let It Snow is sweet and wholesome, and not totally nonsensical. It's definitely worth a watch, and the Christmas song on the soundtrack should definitely get added to your Christmas Spotify playlist (I know it's not just me that has one of those).

Netflix eased us into the Christmas content with its first semi-festive movie, Holiday in the Wild, but this is full-blown, in your face, not at all relatable to Australia CHRISTMAS. It's not quite... love, but hey, I liked it, and in terms of Christmas content, that's a win.

What are your thoughts on Netflix's Let It Snow? Let us know in a comment below.