Oh. We need to talk about Lenny Federer at the Australian Open.

On Friday night Roger Federer defeated Taylor Fritz to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open.

But we aren’t here to discuss that.

We need to talk about his four-year-old son Lenny, who made a rare appearance in his dad’s box yesterday afternoon.

And who, by all means, completely stole the show.

You see, tennis does not make sense to young Lenny.

Lenny, whose full name is Lennart, is one Federer’s two sets of twins. His brother, Leo, was either not in attendance, or impeccably well behaved.

He was perhaps told by his mum that if he was on his best behaviour he might get an ice cream, so he came along to watch his dad.

But then he decided that he didn’t quite understand why everyone was sitting so still and being so quiet.

So he decided he didn’t want an ice cream anyway, and began… poking people.

Like this guy. Who precisely no one knows.

lenny federer
What does your face feel like sir?
lenny federer
What r u doing
lenny federer
Who is this kid anyway

He is... every child at an adult event ever.

Mirka Federer is sick of it so she's ignoring her son. As we all would if our husband was ranked third in the world.

Lenny doesn't understand why everyone is so serious and nobody is playing with him.

It just does not make sense, and to be completely honest, we understand.

The people of Twitter are now completely obsessed with Lenny.


To put this in terms tennis people might understand, we LOVE ALL of this.

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