LEIGH CAMPBELL: Found! The jeans that suit my style and body shape.

I’ve found the style of jeans that suit my round bottom and shorter stature and lack of ankles.

Are they mum jeans, or boyfriend style, or jeans with a paperbag waist? Are they cropped, have a raw hem, or feature a balloon style leg?

Nope, none of those. They're called... 


They’re whatever makes me feel good, confident and comfortable. And yes - quelle horreur! - that may include skinny jeans. 

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I’m sick of reading that skinny jeans are now uncool, so skinny-jean wearers are uncool by association.


Don’t get me wrong, I really love learning about what fashion trends are going to be in stores each season and what shapes and silhouettes are ‘in’. 

Learning about what’s in fashion is fun and inclusive, and as a long-time fan of clothing, this excites and inspires me.

What I don't like is being told what is ‘out’. It’s elitist and exclusionary and the equivalent of the mean girls at school who wouldn't pick you for the netball team because you weren't wearing the cool brand of sandshoes.

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How often do you read about chinos being ‘out’ for men and how wearing chinos makes men uncool or old or outdated or daggy? Never. I mean, it’s laughable to even think about. 


And you know what’s actually cool and always in fashion? Letting women wear whatever the hell style jeans they feel fabulous in without making them feel excluded from the ‘cool group’. 

Tell us what’s new and noteworthy, sure, but stop telling us what not to wear. 

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