'The best part of LEGO Masters has absolutely nothing to do with the bricks.'


LEGO Masters, which screened its first episode on Channel Nine on Sunday night, is a reality show about a LEGO building competition for a $100 000 prize, hosted by beloved Aussie comedian, Hamish Blake.

But whilst many of us who tuned in were LEGO fans who came for the creations, or Blake fans who came for the dad jokes, the reason all of us ultimately stayed was for the backstories of the eight teams of contestants – and one team in particular; Lyn and Matt.

Despite Blake’s early joke about their ‘LEGO-themed wedding’, we quickly learn that this pair are in fact, grandmother and grandson. At 71 and 17 respectively, they also happen to be the oldest and the youngest competitors on the show.

How cool. You don’t see that in a reality TV competition show every day.

In their introduction clip for the show, Matt calls Lyn ‘Mama’, and you can instantly see how close they are.

And then they tell us a little about how close they are in a heartwarming tale.

“LEGO has always run through the family,” Matt explains, ever since Lyn gave her son, Matt’s dad, his first set – a bus.

Lyn then proudly shares that she helped toilet train Matt using a LEGO rewards chart – which she has kept for presumably at least 12-15 years, and proceeds to show on national television.

One might think Matt would be a little embarrassed about this, but of course, he gives no indication of that, because why would he do that to Mama Lyn? She’s just telling a sweet story about… his toilet training.


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As an aside, the tale definitely shows that Matt is an angel of some sort, because just how many kids would patiently earn (not just collect) pieces to build a set?

But Lyn explains that as a child health nurse for over 40 years, she was experienced in the ways of rewards charts and children, which is evidently why it worked.

Showing us the truck he built, Matt says, “I have vivid memories of building it… well, not in the loo, but just outside.”

And thus, a lifelong LEGO obsession was born.

lego masters
Mama Lyn has kept the toilet training Lego rewards chart – as evidenced on national tv. Image: Channel 9

Speaking to Channel Nine, Lyn revealed that her own love affair with LEGO began decades ago, when she and Matt’s grandfather moved to Papua New Guinea in the late 1970s, and took LEGO sets for their children to help them with the transition.

As for Matt, well, he’s currently enjoying a gap year after completing high school at age 17. He told Channel Nine that, to him, building LEGO is about “finding all the right pieces to communicate an idea in the best way possible.”

lego masters
The pair’s winning creation. Image: Channel 9.

So, how does this very special relationship bear under the pressure of an eighteen-hour, competitive and televised LEGO build?

Pretty well, actually. There was no sign of stress or tension between the pair as they patiently created, through genuine teamwork, an incredible structure that was judged the most imaginative and technically advanced build of the opening night.

Matt and Lyn won the coveted ‘golden brick’, which gives them immunity later in the competition. But really, it’s a win for all of us, because by this stage, it’s clear their grace under pressure, respect and adoration for each other, and remarkable LEGO talent, means they deserve the prize.

The only negative in watching Matt and Lyn is that they may make you feel a little guilty if you’ve been neglecting your own Nan lately.

But there’s an easy fix for that – give her a call before you tune into the show tonight.

Lego Masters is screening on Channel Nine on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm and Sundays at 7pm.

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