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What producers whispered in the ear of Laurina Fleure during filming of The Bachelor.


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Following one of the most dramatic Bachelor finales in history, many are considering the role of producers when it comes to ‘leading on’ contestants.

According to a recent interview with Alex Nation and Laurina Fleure for, the producers’ presence on set resembled brainwashing.

“I was very into him because they brainwash you,” Fleure told the publication.

“I even had one of the producers say to me before Bachelor In Paradise, ‘Don’t worry, it’s not like The Bachelor where we lock you in a room and brainwash you.'”

Fleure, 35, said that producers are constantly convincing them of how “lucky” they are to be competing for the man at the centre, whispering in the ear things like, “how good does Blake look today?” or “isn’t he gorgeous, isn’t he fabulous?”

Given they are entirely cut off from the rest of the world, Fleure said the women truly do start convincing themselves that they’re falling in love.




Alex Nation, who was also interviewed by Luke Dennehy, said that prior to Matty J’s season she suggested to Warner Bros that she sit down and speak to the new contestants, and give them an insight into what this process was going to be like.

Due to confidentiality reasons, her offer was declined.

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