From a popular foundation to acne-fighting serums: Everything Laura Henshaw puts on her face.

What I Put On My Face is Mamamia’s celebrity beauty series that takes you inside the beauty cabinets of some of Australia’s most influential people. From what skincare products they use to their go-to makeup tips, it’s a pervy look at exactly what they put on their face. And body. And hair. You get the idea. 

This week, we speak to Laura Henshaw - the co-founder of popular lifestyle and fitness brand Keep It Cleaner. She's also an author, model, influencer and an absolute ray of sunshine on Instagram. Here, the 29-year-old talks about the products that work for her skin, as well as her everyday makeup look and the new foundation she can't get enough of. Enjoy!

Laura Henshaw is just one of those people you want to be friends with, isn't she? She's an absolute ball of positivity and energy, and it just beams right through her Instagram account.

It's infectious. Refreshing. And, well, just what we need.

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With a following of more than 300k, the co-founder and CEO of lifestyle and fitness brand Keep It Cleaner is also a successful model, author and entrepreneur.


Look, she's a busy woman. But somehow we managed to lure her in for a beauty interrogation, soak up some of her positivity and find out absolutely everything she puts on her face. 

Here, Laura Henshaw breaks down her entire beauty routine - so get your notepads ready, friends!

Laura Henshaw's approach to beauty.

"My approach to beauty I would say is minimal and practical. I am pretty no fuss when it comes to most things beauty, so I love products that look and feel natural on my skin."

Like many of us, Laura said her approach and perception of beauty is something that's constantly shifting.


"It's changed so much overtime. I used to be all about covering everything I could on my face, but I have really stripped this back as I feel the most confident when I look like me."

"I know it's super cliché but I truly believe that beauty comes from within, it’s about feeling good in our skin, owning who we are and creating our own definition of ‘beauty’."

Hear, hear!

Laura Henshaw's skincare routine.

If you follow Laura on social media (read: everyone, ever), you'll know she's pretty open about her struggles with hormonal acne - something a lot of us can relate to.

And when it comes to the skincare products she reaches for in order to help calm breakouts and inflammation, there's one specific range she can't get enough of. 

"I still get hormonal and general breakouts every now and then, but I do find them easier to manage with good skincare. The La Roche-Posay Effacular range has been a game changer for me. I discovered it while experiencing "iso-skin" breakouts and it is now a big part of my routine."


"I am currently loving the La Roche-Posay Vitamin B, ($69.95), and La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Serum, ($71.95), Sunday Riley ‘Good Genes’ Serum, ($183) before bed, and a few of the products from the Liberty Belle RX range - Game Changer, ($142), and Eye Do are fabulous."

*Adds to cart*

"I have also recently started using some of the beautiful products from Rawkanvas - the Canvas Resurfacing Mask ($55) is a fantastic AHA + BHA treatment, and I love the Eternal Collagen Serum, ($59), too (in the AM). 

"And of course SPF 50+ every day - La Roche-Posay Anthelios, ($31.95), is my go to."

Sun protection on the daily? Full marks for you, Henshaw.

Laura Henshaw's everyday makeup look.

When it comes to her everyday makeup look, Laura tends to go bare-faced most days, but always brushes up her eyebrows with brow gel before leaving the house: "I feel like it makes the biggest difference," she said. 


"On the days I do wear makeup, my current go to products are: the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, ($65), as a base (I find it super sheer but it has a really nice glow), the Ilia Blush Stick, ($51), which I use on my cheeks and lips, the Chanel Cream Bronzer, ($91), on my cheeks and eyes, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, ($40), for my brows (with the matching brow brush) and a mascara."


Laura Henshaw's favourite makeup products.

ICYMI, Charlotte Tilbury recently launched a new foundation - and absolutely everyone is talking about it. (Including us! Read our Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation review).

But if you've been on the fence wondering whether or not to give it a whirl, we can confirm that it's Laura's new fave foundation. 

Soooo, just sayin'...

 "I am currently obsessed with the new Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation, ($65), I absolutely love it. It gives a beautiful glow, but keeps my skin looking like real skin," she said.

"I am very much a makeup application novice, and this is sooo easy to blend, and it is also buildable."

"I apply with my Rae Morris Liquid Foundation Brush (#23), ($145), and it goes on perfectly. The brush is definitely an investment, but I find it makes a huge difference with how my foundation sits on my skin (in the best way)."

Smooth and flawless foundation coverage? Sign us up.

Laura Henshaw's best beauty trick.

"One of the best tips I've picked up from having my makeup done professionally through work (and I am so lucky to have had some incredible artists paint my face), is the importance of skin prep!" 

The key? A bloody good moisturiser! Laura said by applying moisturiser as a primer pre-makeup application, she finds her makeup lasts longer and is so much dewier and fresh - which is just a good time, really.

"The Cinch Pump + Glow, ($39.95), is a great option, and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, ($90) - which is on the pricier side - is amazing too."


Laura said she also loves the Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask, $45, as a pre-makeup treat for her skin before an event or special occasion - and honestly, don't we all.

Laura Henshaw's hair routine.

"If I’m wearing it down, I’ll use a hair serum (Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil, $64, is my fave) to give it some shine, or pop it in a tight pony if it’s not clean enough to wear out!"

"I have used the Aveda Damage Remedy range for years now, and absolutely love it. I've recently just tried (and loved) their Aveda Botanical Repair Treatment, ($63), and have been using it weekly. It's really thick, and it leaves my hair looking super healthy, even when it has been some time between hair salon visits."


Laura said she's also recently invested in the buzzy Dyson Airwrap tool ($799.)

But... is it really worth it?

"It is definitely on the more expensive side and I was a bit apprehensive before buying," she said. "But now I have had it and used it for a while, I have found for me, it is definitely worth the money."

"It makes my home blow dry job super easy and actually looks like a blow dry (which is huge for me as I absolutely am not great at doing my hair)."

Good to know!

Laura Henshaw's go-to fragrance.

For her signature scent, Laura said she loved Chloe’s Signature Eau De Parfum, ($150) when she was younger - a smooth, floral scent that's timeless and easy to wear.

"I now alternate between that one, Le Labo Rose 31, ($433), and I have recently just tried a new one I have fallen in love with from Mecca - it's a limited edition fragrance, Diptique Eau Rose, ($207). Makes sense she's a rosy gal at heart, no?

Laura Henshaw's health and wellbeing routine.

"In terms of recharging, exercising is my ultimate tool. Whether it’s going for a run, completing a 20 minute KIC Pilates or strength workout or taking my dogs for a walk at the beach," Laura shares.

"Moving my body is something I aim to do every single day. It’s incredible for my energy and most importantly my mental health."


While she said it isn't a typical wind down activity, Laura said the one thing she's recently implemented on Sundays is allocating time to plan her week ahead.

"Once I’ve done this, I can fully switch off and relax knowing that I can start the next week feeling calm and focused," she said.


"On top of that, I’m really loving meditation at the moment, reading, going for a walk and listening to podcasts and in all honesty, a glass of red wine on the couch after a long day with Dalt [her partner] and the dogs!"

Sounds pretty good to us!

Do you use any of the same products as Laura? What are your favourites? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@laurahenshaw

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