"Fourth time lucky!" Why we can't look away from Laura Henshaw's wedding.

Laura Henshaw, co-founder of holistic fitness and wellbeing program Keep It Cleaner, may have just nabbed the title for wedding of the year, after marrying her partner Dalton Graham over the weekend. 

The idyllic wedding, set in the Yarra Valley at Levantine Hill winery and estate, follows almost three years after the announcement of their epic engagement in 2018. 

Watch how much do Aussies spend on their weddings? Post continues after video. 

Video via Mamamia.

Both Laura and Dalton had initially called off the wedding in early 2021 for the fourth time, after a lockdown in Melbourne quelled their plans once again of tying the knot in front of their family and friends. 

"A few tears, a glass (or two) of wine, one cold sore and one run later we are very much believers in fourth time lucky," Laura wrote at the time. "It turns out three actually has less charm than we thought, and so four is now our lucky number... Our deepest condolences to everyone who has been affected by the lockdown. The wedding industry, hospitality, travel, and every single one of you in Vic. Sending our love to you all."

But come rain or shine (or global pandemic), the loved-up couple finally got the day of their dreams over the weekend, surrounded by family and friends with very familiar faces, including fellow co-founder of Keep It Cleaner, Steph Claire Miller and influencer Ellie Lemons.

Among the attendees were the pair's two dogs, Billy and Ben, who even dressed up for the occasion in matching bow ties. 


The moment that took the cake for us? The fact Dalton took up his 28-year-old wife's last name, writing: "Mr and Mrs Henshaw 26.11.21" on Friday afternoon.

The bride looked stunning in a strapless KHYA gown with a boned bodice, and a tulle-tiered skirt. 


Her bridesmaids, which included Laura's sister and business partner, kept it simple in silk, ivory white dresses. 

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While the day was "the dream" for both Laura and Dalton, the businesswoman took to Instagram just two days before the wedding to share her anxieties about the possibility of it being cancelled due to a COVID scare. 

"I wasn't going to share this (sorry my IG has been a bit emotional this week), but I got a text this morning about coming into contact with a positive Covid case and only two days out from the wedding the anxiety is real," she wrote in a post to her Instagram stories.

"I feel fine and I am so sure I will be negative but goodness me."

She later shared her test had come back negative, writing: "Yay! OMG. I feel like I need to sleep for 14 hours after today."

Feature Image: Instagram @LauraHenshaw.

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