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Just 14 last minute gift ideas that are winners for your dad this Father's Day.

Friendly reminder: It’s Father’s Day in, like, an hour.

You’re prepared, right? Gifts are purchased. Brekkie is planned. Experiences are booked. RIGHT?!

If the answer to any of the above statements is “oh sh*t”, don’t worry. I was in your very same (incredibly lazy/busy/forgetful/beautiful) shoes all but 24-hours ago. Then after a significant amount of research, I was able to nab a few killer gifts that are being sent directly to my house (and inbox).

Interested in my SUPERIOR findings? That’s what I was hoping you’d say!

Here’s my list of easy-to-get, last-minute gifts for the difficult-to-shop-for father in your life.

1. The unique gift

I know the word “unique” often translate to “ridiculously bougie” in Gift Guides like this, but hear me out. ClassBento has more than 1,200 classes across Australia and most of them won’t bore your man to death. Forget painting and pizza classes. You and your husband (or baby daddy), or your dad, can learn how to blow glass, BBQ American-style meats, and brew a batch of kombucha together for Father’s Day. I guarantee he won’t complain about those!

2. The inappropriate gift

If you’re going to get the dad in your life a mug or tie this year, at least make sure it says something ridiculously funny on it. If he’s been a dad for more than a few minutes, he already has a gallery of mugs collecting dust somewhere in your home. This year, visit The Inappropriate Gift Co and order him a gift that he’ll be forced to use daily. Why? Because it’s just so damn clever. That’s why! Check out this bum bag, tea towel, and hilariously horrible doormat.

Image via The Inappropriate Gift Co.

3. The work gift

If you know a dad who spends a lot of time at work, why not get him something he’s actually going to use each day? This Laptop Sleeve and Daypack from The Horse are equal parts masculine and sophisticated, which for whatever strange reason just scream PERFECT Father’s Day gift.

4. The drinking gift

Have you heard of A Wine Service? Not a service that delivers wine. But, like, literally a service called A Wine Service? Either way. You know about it now! Blackhearts & Sparrows, a leading independent wine store, selects the best wine of the season and delivers it to your door. Which is really cool. Especially if the dad in your life likes wine. And I’m guessing that he does!


5. The other drinking gift

Another drinking gift, because, well, Australia. 

But this one comes with a puppy!

To celebrate Father's Day, Ardbeg whiskey is offering dads in Sydney and Melbourne the opportunity to have a special edition Ardbeg bone gift pack delivered by a Jack Russell named Shortie. Can attest - he's really cute. Inside, you'll find a bottle of Ardbeg Ten Years Old. Here's how to order the exclusive Ardbeg whiskey and dog delivery in NSW and Victoria.

YES PLEASE. Image supplied.

6. The travel gift

Why is it that most men seem to travel with the ugliest, oldest travel bags in the history of the land? It’s like male humans believe you only get a new bag when it gets lost by the airline. And even then, they consider never travelling again. Be the one to forcefully switch things up for them by adding a fancy Leather Duffle Bag from R.M. WILLIAMS on The Iconic? It’s expensive, yes. But Father’s Day is only one day a year AND buying him this gift will probably guarantee you a Gucci belt for Mother’s Day next year! You’re welcome.

7. The daredevil gift

Always talk about skydiving with your dad and/or partner but never get around to, you know, jumping out of a plane? Then stop scrolling, click this Skydive Australia link, and book the damn thing. I guarantee you’ll win the award for best Father’s Day gift.

It can also be done entirely online - so even though it looks overwhelmingly thoughtful, you don't have to move to do it.

8. The grooming gift

This one's for the partner who might not put effort into his self-care - but that doesn’t mean you can’t inspire him to try a bit harder! This Ted Baker Manicure Set from The Store is super sexy. Even if he doesn’t understand what half the tools are for, he’ll be using gold tweezers to pluck his unibrow and GOLD clippers to clip his long, dirty nails. Did I mention everything is gold?

Fancy. Image via The Store.

9. The tasty gift

Some of the best restaurants in the world are right here in Australia, but nabbing a reservation is about as difficult as deciding what to get the dad in your life for Father’s Day. This is the year.

Get in with last-minute booking at The Star Sydney - they have four restaurants including the buffet of your dreams, filled with seafood and sweets.

And perhaps see if you can book a table at Tetsuya's Restaurant, Attica, Orana, Quay Resturant, Royal Mail Hotel or Nunu.

10. The other tasty gift

Does your dad or partner love to cook? Or better yet, do you wish he cooked better? No matter what experience level he has, getting him something professional like an Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set or silly like a Condiment Gun - both from Gifts Australia - are sure to keep him in the kitchen!


11. The streaming gift

If you know a dad who spends most of his free time thinking, talking, and watching sports, then getting him a subscription to Kayo Sports (the ‘Netflix of Sports’) will surely put you in his good books for a month or so. He’ll be able to stream over 50 sports from Fox Sports, ESPN and BeIN Sports. Which means you’ll finally have time to, oh, I dunno, do anything except watch sports.

If they already have Kayo, no drama. You can buy Kayo Sports credit in the form of a gift card. It's available at Woolies, Coles, BIG W, Australia Post and Kmart!

12. The bookworm gift

Picking out a book for someone is bloody difficult. With little time to pull together a complicated gift, why not just grab them a gift card (or two) from Booktopia? Too easy.

Gift cards range from $20 to $300. Image via

13. The donation gift

If the dads in your life are concerned about the fire in Amazon, this is the perfect holiday to put your money where your mouth is. Make a donation on behalf of your husband to any of the following six charities, which have received at least three out of four stars from Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that rates charities on accountability and financial management: Amazon Conservation Association, Amazon Conservation Team, Amazon Watch, Rainforest Foundation US, Rainforest Trust or Rainforest Action Network.

14. The potential millionaire gift

Next Thursday, there’s a Powerball draw that could solidify your position as the best partner in the history of Australia. Last time we checked, the winnings had already reached $80M, so go on and buy him a ticket or two or three or four.

That’s it. That’s the list! SUPERIOR, am I right?! 

If you can think of any other last-minute gifts for dad, especially from your own business, add it in the comment section below. Let’s make last-minute shopping great again!

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