'I've been on a mission to find shoes for big feet that aren’t... ugly. Here are 11 options.'

Dear retailers,

Why don’t you want my money

I’ve been wondering about this for a while now. 

I come into your shopfronts; I scour your online stores and I Google incessantly trying to find shoes that aren’t… ugly.

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Except the thing is, I’m not the standard size 7

Like many women around Australia (including six in my office when I conducted a quick poll) I wear a size 11 or 12, which is a European size 42 or 43 for those playing along at home. 

In most stores, they only carry those sizes for a limited range or not at all. 

I once had a shop assistant at a popular retailer tell me they usually only get one or two pairs in the size 42, if they get any, and they are always the first ones to go.

So there is a demand. 

But retailers - while you’ve made leaps and bounds when it comes to creating inclusive size ranges for clothing, you somehow forgot our feet can also be diverse too. 


Sure, I can head online to some obscure specialty stores with awful names like “Huge Hooves” or “Flippers R Us” (okay I’m exaggerating for dramatic effect but the names are pretty grim). But the choices are veeeery small, which is quite ironic. 

And I’ll let you in on a secret, women with feet a few sizes bigger than the average don’t suddenly want to wear shoes designed for a mediaeval peasant or a basketballer.

But alas, those are usually the two options we’re left with.

And all my big-footed girlies will know the struggle of attempting to squeeze your feet into nearest size available and just dealing with the blisters later (I still have trauma from the ballet flat years and REFUSE to believe they’re making a comeback.) 

So what’s the point of my ranting, you ask? 

Well, I've scoured high and low to find brands that actually cater to us gals with bigger feet that are actually fashionable.

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Check them out below.


Why we love this brand: This Aussie brand created by two Melbourne sisters goes up to size 45 (!!!) in their range of sustainable flat and platform sandals. They’re super comfy and a girlier version of a Birks.  


TWOOBS The OG+, $169.

Image: TWOOBS.

TWOOBS The Slidekick 2.0, $149. 

Image: TWOOBS.



Why we love this brand: The Melbourne shoe brand carry ranges up to size 42, including mid heels and chic summer sandals. 

EOS Mishk Slides, $149.95

Image: EOS, The Iconic.


EOS Petricia Sandals, $169.95.

Image: EOS.


Walnut Melbourne

Why we love this brand: Another great Melbourne brand thinking of the big-footed girlies is Walnut. They have a great range of classic styles and more bold designs, plus their ballet flats go up to size 43!

Walnut Melbourne Capri Leather Slides, $179.95.

Image: Walnut Melbourne, The Iconic.

Walnut Melbourne Lauren Slides, $149.95.

Image: Walnut Melbourne.


Ava Leather Ballet Flats, $129.

Image: Walnut Melbourne, The Iconic.



Why we love this brand: This brand hands down makes the comfiest sneakers I’ve ever worn, so they’re worth the investment and go up to a size 13! Praise be.

FRANKIE4 Drew White/Black Croc Emboss, $274.95.

Image: FRANKIE4.


FRANKIE4 Alex Black Heels, $259.95.

Image: FRANKIE4.



Why we love this brand: ASOS flies under the radar for shoes because their fashion offering is so extensive, but I’ve just discovered their shoe range extends up to size 14 in a variety of styles, plus they carry a few international brands with extended sizing. 

ASOS DESIGN Elly Block Heel Sock Boots, $52. 

Image: ASOS.

Puma Oslo-City Sneakers in White and Green, $126.

Image: Puma, ASOS.


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Feature image: Supplied/TWOOBS/EOS/Walnut Melbourne/FRANKIE4.

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