Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga won't be responding to your pregnancy rumours, thank you very much.

Content warning: This article includes descriptions of disordered eating that may be distressing to some readers/listeners.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift want nothing to do with the speculation surrounding their bodies, thank you very much.

It seems the minute a woman gains an infinitesimal kilogram, or, god forbid, is a little bloated one evening, the rumour mill kicks off into overdrive, with people questioning whether they're pregnant. 

When you're a celebrity, the scrutiny is even worse.

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For Swift, the question arose after footage of her joyfully performing at the Eras Tour in Lisbon, Portugal, started circulating on TikTok on Instagram. The trolls descended and soon TikTok doctors were making videos confirming that female bloating is indeed real and completely normal.

What makes the situation so much worse is that in her 2020 Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, the singer opened up about her struggle with disordered eating and body image because of comments from the public.

"It's not good for me to see pictures of myself every day because... I tend to get triggered by something, whether it's a picture of me where I feel like I looked like my tummy was too big or like someone said that I looked pregnant or something," she said at the time. "And that will just trigger me to just, starve a little bit. Just stop eating."


With hindsight, Swift added, "I'm a lot happier with who I am. I don't care as much if somebody points out if I have gained weight.

"There's always some standard of beauty that you're not meeting...It's all just f**king impossible."

In an interview with Variety back in 2020, Swift said: "I remember how, when I was 18, that was the first time I was on the cover of a magazine, and the headline was like 'Pregnant at 18?'."

"And it was because I had worn something that made my lower stomach look not flat. So I just registered that as a punishment. 

"And then I'd walk into a photo shoot and be in the dressing room and somebody who worked at a magazine would say, 'Oh, wow, this is so amazing that you can fit into the sample sizes. Usually we have to make alterations to the dresses, but we can take them right off the runway and put them on you!' And I looked at that as a pat on the head."

You would think four years later we would have learned to not comment on women's bodies, however, Lady Gaga's body was also recently put up for debate by online trolls.

So much so that she was forced to post a TikTok video shutting down pregnancy rumours. For Gaga, the chatter started when she was photographed at her sister's wedding rehearsal dinner with what people thought was a baby bump.


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In true women supporting women fashion, Gaga responded by referencing Swift's song, Down Bad: "Not pregnant – just down bad crying at the gym", followed by a link to register to vote in the upcoming US presidential election. 

Swift then entered the chat, in light of the recent discourse around her own body, commenting: "Can we all agree that it’s invasive and irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body. Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, and neither does any woman."


She's right. No woman, famous or not, should be required to explain her body at any time. 

Gaga and Swift aren't the only ones to speak up about it.

Before she fell pregnant, Hailey Bieber spoke to GQ last year about constantly being surrounded by pregnancy rumours. 

"Recently, everybody was like, 'Oh, my God, she’s pregnant', and that’s happened to me multiple times before," she said. 

"There is something that’s disheartening about, damn, I can’t be bloated one time and not be pregnant? It would be a lie if I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I don’t give a shit.' When there comes a day that that is true, you—you, as in the internet, will be the last to know."

Even Jennifer Aniston opened up about how harmful the rhetoric can be, especially when she was privately struggling with infertility in her late 30s and 40s.

"All the years and years and years of speculation... It was really hard," she told Allure in 2022. "I was going through IVF, drinking Chinese teas, you name it. I was throwing everything at it."

As Swift recently wrote in her song 'Clara Bow', "Beauty is a beast that roars, down on all fours, demanding 'more.'"

So let this be a reminder. People's bodies are not up for discussion, even if they're in the spotlight. 

Feature Image: Getty/Instagram @ladygaga.

For help and support for eating disorders, contact the Butterfly Foundation’s National Support line and online service on 1800 ED HOPE (1800 33 4673).

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