We're all wrong about Timothée Chalamet.

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have well and truly hard-launched.

First, the long-rumoured couple had a night out for Beyoncé's birthday, and most recently they've pulled a New York Fashion Week and US Open double — with a dinner date at a swanky FW event on Friday and the tennis finals on Sunday.

And among the intrigue — they're hot famous people in their 20s, after all! — and mutters of 'I actually kind of... love them' (just me?), one particular narrative has prevailed.

What the heck do they talk about?

In this relationship, we, as the public, have already assigned them roles. Jenner is the vapid reality star and Chalamet is the prestige film darling with indie cred and an Oscar nom. He's smart/cool/talented/serious. She's, uh, a Jenner.

This might just be the greatest summation of their public personas we could've asked for. Image: Getty.


And so we've also decided that they don't quite match up.

On the extreme end, there are Chalamet stan accounts, whose full meltdown following the pair's Renaissance tour appearance ranged from disbelief ("I'm so sad and furious") to outright sexism ("She's not his type [or] his intellectual equal!", "Another guy? When does it end?").

Below that rather extreme level of delusion is the rest of us, who have pondered the pairing as if they're 'from different worlds' in the vein of Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood just because she's a (not-so-self-made) billionaire makeup mogul and he's been in two Greta Gerwig films.

In reality... they're not that different.

Remove Chalamet's Academy Award nomination and friendship with the world's coolest director from the equation and what you have is two very successful, good-looking famous people around the same age, who have each spent years living in the public eye and dating other successful, good-looking famous people. They run in similar circles and each have a well-publicised passion for fashion.

So... duh. Of course, they're a match.

You also have a man who spends his free time playing basketball with Adam Sandler and dines out with Pete Davidson (and... Kanye West and Kid Cudi?), who — bless his soul — is not considered particularly highbrow.


Chalamet's most viral moments give more away than his effortlessly cool Instagram aesthetic and thoughtful, cool red carpet looks ever could: the first was when he was photographed getting handsy with Eiza González in a hotel pool, and the second for performing a very lively rendition of Nicki Minaj's 'Roman's Revenge' at a school talent showcase — in a pink wig like all good Barbs would, obviously.


Neither moments are particularly indie.

But if you chuck a cigarette in an impish, French-speaking man's hand, we're inclined to believe that he's the most intellectual person to walk the earth. There's a lot you can get away with a cigarette and cheekbones.

If it's an association with Jenner that ruins Chalamet's mystique for you — attention, stans! — then that's probably worth some internal interrogation.

Obviously, women can like makeup and post bikini photos and be cool/smart/worthy of being in a relationship with a dude who considers Leonardo DiCaprio a mentor (which... look... actually goes a long way to explaining how Chalamet has been able to shamelessly kiss people in pools and remain a Very Serious Actor in the eyes of the public). 

And being a dude who is best known for prestige films can *also* be a himbo (said with love!) who enjoys the company of an absurdly famous reality TV star and sometimes puts down his copy of Little Women to listen to Nicki Minaj.

One is from Calabasas and the other is half-French, but that doesn't make them star-crossed lovers.

So, what do they talk about? Probably quite a lot. In between the public pashes, of course.

Feature image: Getty.

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