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1. Kristin Cavallari was “blindsided” when Jay Cutler filed divorce papers seeking primary custody of their kids.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s divorce has been making headlines this week, after the pair announced their split over Instagram.

And now it appears the 33-year-old reality star was “blindsided” when her husband filed divorce papers seeking primary custody of their kids.

An unnamed source supposedly told E! News that Kristin knew “their marriage has been over” for some time but she was caught off guard when her husband filed the papers last week.

“She had hoped they could work things out more amicably and they were off to a good start before Jay pulled the trigger,” said the source.


In the papers, Jay stated he was the “available at home parent and the primary caretaker of the parties’ minor children”, despite the fact that he apparently previously agreed to equally care for their three kids.

“His filing was basically trying to take her out of the equation so she had to respond strongly. She’s not going to be taken out of the equation when it comes to her children,” the source told the publication.

Another source claimed, “Jay was playing for the NFL a majority of their marriage, for him to call himself the primary caregiver just because he is retired and she is working is not accurate”.

Kristin is now reportedly working on getting full custody of the kids because she “feels she can raise the kids in the safest environment”.

Something tells us this isn’t the last we’re going to hear about their divorce.

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2. “Perth is very small.” MAFS’ Aleks responds to rumours she’s dating this year’s Bachelor, Locky Gilbert.

Just yesterday, rumours began circulating about a potential relationship between The Bachelor’s Locky Gilbert and MAFS’ Aleks Markovic, after they attended the same “gathering” in Perth.


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Aleks has firmly denied the rumours while appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning,

“Perth is (just) very small,” she told the radio hosts. “Everyone knows every Tom, Dick and Harry.”

Aleks explained the pair chatted “because (they) have the reality TV thing in common, about producers and what they do – just as friends”.

“I think he’s gonna find his soulmate on the show, from what he’s said,” she added.

3. “One thing led to another.” Britney Spears accidentally burnt down her gym in a classic Britney move.

In what can only be described as a classic Britney move, Britney Spears has shared how she accidentally burnt down her personal gym.

Posting on Instagram to share her latest workout routine, the singer shared why she hasn’t been using her gym lately.


“Hey, guys! I’m in my gym right now. I haven’t been in here for, like, six months, because I burned my gym down unfortunately,” she said casually in the video’s introduction.

“I had two candles, and yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down.”

In the post’s caption, Spears shared more about the fire, admitting that it was “an accident”.

“Yes… I burnt it down,” she wrote. “I walked past the door to the gyms and flames… BOOM!”


“Unfortunately now I have only two pieces of equipment left lol and a one-sided mirror gym,” she added.

“But it could be much worse so I’m grateful.”

Well… that’s definitely a creative way of getting out of doing home workouts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. Jake Gyllenhaal baking bread is the self-isolation content we need right now.

Like many of us going a bit stir-crazy in isolation, Jake Gyllenhaal has tried his hand at baking his own bread. And he’s taking it… very seriously.

The actor appeared on The Late Show this week to chat to Stephen Colbert about his newfound love of sourdough.

Jake started the interview immediately hushing the talk-show host because he didn’t want to wake his sleeping heap of dough resting beside him. And yes, this is exactly the content we need in our lives right now

The 39-year-old explained that now that he’s grown out his hair and “inched into the hipster world”, he decided it was only right to take up the new hobby.  So Jake reached out to his baker friend from San Francisco to ask him how to bake his own bread from home.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Image: CBS.

A starry-eyed Jake later showed off his sourdough baby with as much pride and joy as a new dad.

Colbert also shared that he has his own tub of sourdough starter at his house, a fact that excited Jake a bit... too much.

Yep, this truly is a weird time for all of us.

5. Tones and I is now an international star. She was happier when she was busking in Byron Bay.

“To be able to wake up in your van at a hostel with all your friends. Have breakfast together out in the garden, go to the beach for the day. Set up your equipment as the sun sets and play for six hours to a crowd of people that are jumping, dancing, singing along.” Busking in Byron Bay is the happiest Toni Watson (or Tones and I as the world now knows her) has ever been. She wasn’t famous. She wasn’t rich. And only locals knew her name.

Now Tones and I is an international superstar with a net worth of more than a million dollars. But six months into her fame, she realised she hadn’t had a single happy day.


Last year, Toni was catapulted into the limelight after her hit Dance Monkey reached number one on the official music charts in more than 30 countries.

She went from singing on the streets of NSW’s Byron Bay to opening Splendour in the Grass 2019. It’s an incredible achievement she still struggles to wrap her head around.

“The Splendour in the Grass video to busking is only three months apart,” she told The Project on Wednesday night. “I had no idea what was about to happen. I was happy and content and I loved busking.”

“That was easily the best time of my life,” she added.

In November last year, the 26-year-old won four ARIA awards, including Best Female Artist. She was universally lauded for the stirring acceptance speech she gave, telling the crowd: “Thank you for letting me know that I’m OK just the way I am".

The next day, however, she woke up and felt sad.

“I had this overwhelming sadness and not wanting to celebrate it,” she told The Hit Network’s Carrie & Tommy on Wednesday. “I was like, ‘Why am I not happy, this is meant to be exciting.’”

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