This $39 sunlounger has caused a TikTok frenzy for solving your scrolling addiction.

Neck problem girlies, rise up! Today is a special day. The never-ending nuisance that is lying on your stomach by the pool or at the beach and not knowing where to place your head has been solved. 

Kmart has released a new sunlounger in time for summer, but it comes with an ingenious addition: there's an inbuilt hole and cushy pillow to cradle your head for optimum stomach-lying.

The TikTok-famous Salerno Lounger Face Down. Image: Kmart. 

It's basically a massage chair and sunlounger in one magical product. Oh, and it's only $39. 


The hole also means you can read a book (less likely), scroll your phone (very likely), or follow the brave journey of a family of ants (just me?) while you lie down. 

Given how much of a game-changer this chair is to not just me (and my aging neck) but Aussie beach culture at large, the Salerno Lounger Face Down has quickly gone viral.

TikTokker @EmmaMonaco4 shared the buy, and the post has since drawn over half a million views and 35k likes. 

@emmamonaco4 Pop off kmart x #fyp #kmartfind #usetiktokwhileyoutan #foryou #best39dollarsever ♬ IT GIRL - Sped up Version - Aliyah's Interlude

The comments are dominated by people rushing to buy the product. "This video hadn’t even finished and I ordered it and had it sent to my Aus address," one wrote. 

"I’ve never gone to Kmart so quickly," a second commented poster. 

Another TikTok user, @RachAnnette is also a big fan, writing "$39?! GET OUT KMART," on her video.

@rachannette When I say I ran to Kmart.. I RAN 🤯🤯 #rundontwalk #immediatelyyes #newkmartproducts #kmartfinds #fyp #kmartaus #austok #slaymart #facedownlounger ♬ Prada - cassö & RAYE & D-Block Europe

It's the hole in the base for me!

@thosebudgetbabes The Kmart find of the summer!! For all my sun baking girlies this one is for you 🙌🏼💖 #kmartfinds #kmartaustralia #kmartaus #kmarthaul #kmartgiftideas #kmartgiftguide #summergiftideas #christmasgiftideas #christmasgiftguide2022 #giftsunder50 #affordablegifts #affordablechristmas #thosebudgetbabes ♬ original sound - Britt | Affordable Lifestyle

But as everything with TikTok goes, sometimes this app is a blessing and a curse. Now that the product has blown up online, a buying frenzy has already begun, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy the sunlounger... like, anywhere. 

The lounger is already sold out online. After doing some scrolling of most stores around Australia, the item is generally listed as 'out of stock' or 'low stock'. The horror. 

Let's pray for a swift restock but until then, I'll be lying on a towel with my head twisted like an absolute fool.  

Feature image: Kmart/TikTok/@thosebudgetbabes. 

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