Fans have decided Khloe Kardashian's baby name is a subtle dig at Tristan Thompson.

“Our little girl.”

“Our hearts.”

“We are overwhelmed.”

“Mummy and Daddy love you.”

These are all not-so-subtle signs in Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram post today that she and basketballer Tristan Thompson are staying together after the birth of their baby girl, despite the cheating reports.

The post was to announce the name they’ve given their daughter, ‘True’, who was born last Thursday, April 12. (She already has her own Instagram account, by the way.)

And it’s the first time Khloe, 33, has spoken publicly since video footage was released on Wednesday showing Tristan allegedly cheating on her the weekend before the birth.

As she was home in Cleveland awaiting the birth of their baby, the 27-year-old basketballer was reportedly filmed wrapping his arms around another woman in a New York City night club and leaning in for a kiss.


There was a flurry of speculation around whether Khloe would leave him, with sources telling People Magazine the reality TV star was understandably “bitter” about the footage.

But now, all signs are leading to yes, the pair are sticking it out.

Tristan was reportedly there for the birth. All the “ours” and “we” and “mummy and daddy” send an overwhelming message of unity. And the biggest sign of all: the baby has been given his surname.

The irony, however, is not lost on fans who’ve taken to social media suggesting Khloe is either trolling us all with the name ‘True’, or that it is a subtle dig at Tristan following his alleged affairs.




Though there are others more concerned for the 33-year-old Kardashian, that she’s building a life with a man who was caught cheating at the most insensitive time.