Oh. Jarrod just told everyone why he broke up with Keira.



It’s time for some gossip.

Mr Jarrod Woodgate, who began dating Ms Keira Maguire during the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, broke up with her two weeks ago and now thinks it’s appropriate to tell everyone why.

Jarrod, who works on his family’s vineyard, found his lifestyle incompatible with Keira’s, who was working full time as an influencer.

Allow us to explain.

Ex-reality television contestants are paid to promote products on Instagram and Facebook because of their lucrative followings, in Keira’s case more than 177,000.

These products might include supplements, teeth whiteners, trips overseas, protein shakes or clothing brands.


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And Jarrod revealed in an interview with Who magazine on Thursday, exactly how much Keira was making per post.

“She earns over $1,500 for every Instagram post,” he explained.


Despite the fact Jarrod works a full time job, he told the magazine Keira earns significantly more than him.

But, according to the 32-year-old, her job came at a price.

“Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship. She’s purely Instagram-focused, and that takes up a lot of time.”

He explained that while it looked like they had the “perfect relationship,” he felt himself turning into something he wasn’t.

According to Jarrod, Keira was living in his house when she made the decision to post about their break up on Instagram.

The post led to a great deal of media attention, which Jarrod says his family in particular were in no position to deal with.

“She knew that…” he added.