Who is Kai Carlton? Everything we know about The Veronicas' Jess Origliasso's new fiancé.

Earlier this week, The Veronicas’, Jess Origliasso became officially engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Kai Carlton.

The couple are currently holidaying in Joshua Tree, California, when Carlton proposed, with both he and Origliasso sharing photos of her rectangular pavé engagement ring to Instagram.

“Happy one year and THE REST OF MY LIFE with you @kaigodlike. My best friend. I’ve been happy crying for two hours. I’ve never felt so full,” she wrote.

Carlton, 23, – a singer-songwriter, and open trans man – shared a similar post, writing: “She said ‘yes’ and I’m the happiest mf alive. I listen to Beyoncé’s advice. @jessicaveronica here’s to a lifetime of love and memories. Thanks for being in my life”.

However, contrary to their sweeping and frequent admissions of love on Instagram, the pair have only been publicly dating for a year. Origliasso, 34, first shared their relationship with the world in November 2018, just six months after her break up with Ruby Rose. Here’s everything we know about the couple.


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Who is Kai Carlton?

Like his fiance, Carlton is also a musician. He’s part of the LA-based rock and grunge band, Mudspitters who have one single, ‘Love Sick’ on Spotify, and multiple other tracks on their Sound Cloud account, including an unplugged demo titled ‘Jessie’s Song’.


Although he hasn’t spoke in detail about his transition process, Carlton is completely open about being a transgender man. He first spoke about being a “trans male” on Instagram, after one of his followers commented on his support of Pride Month, writing “I’m new to your Instagram page and I don’t really understand the pride thing?”

Responding via a video on his stories, Carlton said he didn’t understand his comment.

“Maybe I just don’t say it that much because I don’t really see a reason to really to say it socially, but I’m a trans male, so that’s why I’m prideful,” he said.

In July of 2019, the singer-songwriter also appeared in an Instagram Q&A video in which he spoke about his transition. When asked “how far” he was into in his transition, he loosely stated “I’m a baby boy and I have very far to go”.

Most recently, Carlton shared a heartfelt post on October 11, for National Coming Out Day. “Happy National Coming out day to all my brothers and sisters,” he wrote. “I’m proud of every single one of you whatever your journey has been to get you to where you are, or where you’re going. Honour yourself and just be proud today :,)”


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getting comfortable with himself *insert trans pride flag*

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What do we know about his relationship with Jess Origliasso?

Previous to dating Carlton, Origliasso was in a two-year relationship with Ruby Rose, who she accused of “continued harassment” since their split in April 2018. The Australian actress and TV presenter commented on a photo of Carlton and Origliasso in November, 2018, writing: “Congratulations! So happy for you both,” to which her ex-partner quickly responded.

“I have requested you not contact me for over four months now. You have been given my grace of being ignored on every other private platform, so the fact you continue to ignore this to contact me here publicly under the guise of wishing me well is continued harassment,” she responded.

Commenting back, Rose wrote: “That is news to me. Copy that. Good vibes only”.

Jess Origliasso and Ruby Rose Instagram.
Image: Instagram.

Since Origliasso and Carlton have made their relationship public, Origliasso has been relatively private with her 315,000 Instagram followers, sharing occasional happy snaps of the two. Carlton, however, definitely enjoys a brazen declaration of love on social media.


Case in point: marking their six-month anniversary with a mirror selfie on May 13 this year, the musician shared this intense paragraph of prose:

"Listen, imma be real with y’all right quick. In the past six months I have become the luckiest guy on the face of the earth," he wrote.

"To have you in my life has been, easily, the best thing to ever happen to me, I’m beyond grateful for your existence. In my years of being on this planet I have not met someone so in tune with me and, so naturally so. I don’t want to say too much because words are undeserving of showing how much I value your love.

"@jessicaveronica you are ethereal, godlike, and a dream come true to me. I love you more than grunge"

Responding to his statement, Origliasso simply commented with: "Ps. MORE THAN GRUNGE".


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While the couple are likely in the very early stages of planning the wedding, we wouldn't be surprised if Jess' twin sister Lisa and her husband Logan Huffman are part of the bridal party.

Lisa married Logan in November 2018 in a vintage-themed wedding on the Sunshine Coast, with her sister by her side.

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